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    Extra Stupid Window Stickers there a correlation between bumper stickers (on vehicles) and tag-lines on forum posts?
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    pa guy

    Not sure what you've been drinking John, but I could use some! I remember what 40 was like and it wasn't nothing like 70. :(
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    whitetail ethics question

    There IS baiting in PA - the Special Regulations Areas. I realize that Bedford isn't in one. If you don't want to sit over bait, don't put any out. Its a personal preference, not necessarily an ethics question. Ever hunted next to a corn field or an apple tree? Really not a whole lot of...
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    First Moose Hunt

    Rain gear - Helly Hanson Impertech is the "gold standard" for most Alaska guides. It IS waterproof. It is NOT breathable. Your choice. Calling - moose are probably the easiest of all big game to call. Voice calling is simple: press both index fingers along each side of your nose; the rest of...
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    Sheep hunting rule #1

    I'm sure its a "logistics" thing rather than a legal one. Killing an extra animal = double the mileage on the pack out.
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    How the heck do I carry a 100+ lb moose quarter?

    Depending on how much room you have (with the rest of your gear) some sort of small plastic sled may be an option. Just ne careful going downhill with one.
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    How the heck do I carry a 100+ lb moose quarter?

    As in lots of places, politics have a lot to do with game laws here. That said, there are sound (scientific) reasons for this particular law. Hauling moose quarters is done every year, by countless individuals - many of a much smaller stature than the OP. A few things to consider: carry JUST...
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    AK moose question

    I'd suggest you contact a Wildlife Trooper in the area you'll be hunting. AK game laws are sometimes confusing and getting info from the guy (who may potentially be writing you a ticket) is the way to go. Be sure to get his name when you (finally) make contact. IMO - if there are 2 of you...
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    DIY Moose Hunt

    Well I guess you could. "Hope" that is. The Yukon (and most tributaries) get plenty of boat traffic in September. Parts of the Yukon (and tribs) now require drawing a permit for moose hunting. Checking the regs would be the first part of any plan.
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    17 yr old daughter recoil shy, need advice please.

    Work up a light load for practice. When hunt time comes stoke up the rifle and let her hunt - as you said she doesn't notice recoil when she shoots at game.
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    Alaska Caribou Hunt Tips

    Depends. If you'll be staying on the ridge tops, maybe not. If you'll be crossing streams or walking tundra, then some sort of water proof foot wear would be recommended. If you have calf high rubber boots, waders can be faked with rain pants and a roll of duct tape. If you're in a wet area...
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    Where does all the rifle BS come from?

    Rifles (in one form or another) have been around for over 600 years - that's plenty of time for the bullshit merchants to work their magic. Discussions on "what it takes to kill" an animal probably started in some cave over a fire 35,000 years ago.
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    SE Alaska Bear with Archery Equipment

    Check the regs on baiting. You'll probably need to do an online course to legally bait.
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    Alaska Float Hunt

    Depending on someone that you picked up in a bar (and already gave money to) would be a last resort, in my mind. Check with the rental company, advertise on Craig's List or Alaska List, check with Uber. Consider hitch hiking.
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    How do you deal with ticks?

    My son (lives in SE PA) was infected about 3 years ago. The specialist he saw told him that he thought that a lot of the immune system diseases (MS, Lupus to name 2) have been misdiagnosed over the years and were/are actually different forms of Lymes. Old age is a bitch. I used to wonder why...
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    How do you deal with ticks?

    It is my understanding that Lyme disease is not something that can be cured. Once you've had it, it is always there. Treatment can make it go dormant, bit not cure it.
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    POW Gear list

    When it comes to planning hunts, there buddies who "want" to go along and buddies who "will" go with. Its sometimes a problem determining which is which.
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    280 Remington

    I had one in a Ruger 77. Shot GREAT. Just about anything I loaded (115 gr to 175 gr bullets) would be on paper with minor scope adjustment to fine tune for different loads.
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    How do you deal with ticks?

    So...…..what happens to the cat exposed to permethrin? Asking for a friend. :rolleyes:
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    Whitetail, east vs. west

    Boone & Crockett count the brow tine as a "point"; why wouldn't anyone else? Not counting a point due to a regional basis, probably means a remedial math course may be in your future.