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  1. Big luke1981

    Off to Wyoming!!!

    Well the truck is packed and huntress83 and myself are off to Wyoming for our first ever out of state hunt. We are going to pick up my dad and make the 15 hour drive to our unit. We have a total of 10 tags between us and we cannot wait for Saturday morning. I hope everyone has a great weekend...
  2. Big luke1981

    She said YES!!!

    Well yesterday me and Kyli (huntress83) had been together a wonderful 4 years, so last night after dinner I asked her the BIG question and she said YES:D. I could not be happier, she is a wonderful girl and I look forward to spending my life with her. I must say that leading up to to asking her...
  3. Big luke1981

    WA Spring Bear

    Anyone put in for WA Spring Bear? The deadline is tonight. The odds here are not the greatest. I was just wondering if there are many non residents that put in for our tags. Good Luck. Lucas
  4. Big luke1981

    WY Antelope doe tags

    Ok guys I am submitting my app online for my first ever out of state hunt. I am applying for antelope in wyoming and have a question about doe tags. Do most of you apply for doe tags in all the same units as buck or just one? For example if you put in for bucks in units 1, 2, 3 do you then apply...
  5. Big luke1981

    Camp or Motel it???

    I am planning my first ever out of state hunt this year and am going to give Wyoming a try for Antelope (draw permitting) I am putting in for some of the easier first timer units in the eastern part of the state. My question is do most of you camp or stay in town. I have never been to eastern...
  6. Big luke1981

    Zeiss scopes

    I am in the market for a new scope and have been looking at the zeiss line. A friend of mine got the conquest with rapid z 800 and put it on his 25-06. It seems like a really clear scope. I was wondering if any of you have any input on this scope or the conquest line in general. Thanks Lucas
  7. Big luke1981

    Finally Got Out!!!

    Well I was finally able to get out and chase some fowl today. It was very cold here in Eastern WA, about 5 degrees out this morning. I went to my favorite spot on the upper columbia river where the birds have started to come in. It only took a few mintues after setting up and they started to...
  8. Big luke1981

    Eastern WA Opener.

    Well We are in our hotel room getting everything ready for opening day of elk here in Eastern Wa tomorrow. No special tags this year and only have a couple of days to hunt so we are joining the crowds for the general spike only season here in central WA. We are hoping to get my girlfriend Kyli...