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    Small Game opportunities around Craig in Sept

    I will be in Craig, CO up to the WY line area in mid-Sept for elk and might have time to explore around afterwards but I don't know anything about CO small game hunting and would like to give it a go. Birds or bunnies would be fun! I won't have a dog with me and this is not intended to be a...
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    Sneaky bear

    Was working today with a colleague and we were doing a botanical study that required us to ponder the identity of a fern. As we kneeled by the plant for I would say a minute or two, a black bear silently (and I mean silently) had snuck in 10 yards behind us and stole my colleague's lunch out...
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    Need a fact check/explanation on quota/app numbers

    Can someone explain this from the statistics. Numbers are all over the map from 2018 to 19. Case in point. Doe antelope 72-6. Quota up 166. 1st choice apps up 527 (a 516% year over year gain!) What explains this kind of thing? And were doe antelope apps up 13% or more???? Starting to get...
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    Wyoming Moose Pref Point Charge???

    I just got my refund from Wyoming for moose and it was exactly $150 short of what I expected, which of course, is equal to the NR pref point fee. I am certainly not above making a mistake but I don't recall seeing or selecting a PP as an option, and there is no reason in the world why I would...
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    Utah email results are out

    UT results email arrived. Unsuccessful..unsuccessful....unsuccessful....unsuccessful.....AAANNNNNDDDD.......unsuccessful. But I already knew that since credit card was dormant. Oh well, there's always next year. Strange happening # 1 - The email is out but the draw results website is not...
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    In need of a 12 Step Program

    Hi. My name is (YOUR NAME HERE) and I've got an applying problem........ With the silly season winding down, is there anyone with a compulsive application problem that cares to share to what lengths they went to try to snag a premium tag this year? What's the most applications you have ever...
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    Drawing lull dreams... or nightmares!

    Now that there’s a bit of a draw lull, with several state’s applications in... my mind wanders to the “what-if” scenarious...... What if I draw nothing? 😭 What if I draw two!! 😂 Or three!!😬 Dear lord, what if I draw more than one and have to pick???? And what am I going to do if I DO draw...
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    Shoshone NF Grizzly Pucker Factor

    Looking for info (and not ridicule hopefully ;)) from someone familiar with NW Wyoming, Shoshone NF area... I have traveled to the NW Wyoming several times, but only to visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Within Yellowstone, across 3 or 4 trips (last being in early 2000's), I have only seen two...
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    Credit Card Issues

    So today I had some fool somehow charge or attempt to charge a thousand dollars or more on my credit card, fraudulently. After dealing with the blocked card and closing that account, I realized that it was the same card I have on file for applications in WY, UT and elsewhere. I already know...
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    Sheep raffles / auctions and thoughts on implications

    Does anybody a handle on the number of sheep tags in total that are issued in the lower 48? And of those, how many are issued via the regular draw -vs- raffles and auctions? I suspect it must be a rather high percentage, relative to other species, although moose and goats are probably up there...
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    Hunter Number out West - What's the big picture?

    This is not hot off the press news or anything but I read this in a 2017 article on trends in nationwide hunter numbers and it got me thinking about it all over again: "The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been conducting a nationwide survey of hunting and fishing participants every five...
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    Best phone and apps for hunting

    I am near to be needing a new phone and wanted to explore what is the best companion for hunting/back country use. I am not all that savvy on this topic. I typically carry a USFS map and a gps and that's about it. I currently have an Iphone 6 that is getting pretty old and I have never really...
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    Weapon dilemma

    I have a good problem I could use some advice or some insight into your experiences on... If I choose to put in, I can expect to draw my preferred CO antelope tag in 2019. My dilemma is which season/weapon will give me the most quality experience. A rank of my priorities would be: 1) Shot...
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    Unforgettable books..

    I can’t tell you how many times I read these cover to cover as a kid. Anybody else get started in their daydreaming by picking up either of these??
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    Mystery Ranch Pintler

    Just found some on somewhat of a sale at OpticsPlanet for 379, and an additional 10 % off with code NEWYR19. I am not representing them, just bought one for myself and wanted to share info. I think thats a good price, but could be wrong. Happy New Year folks!
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    Greetings from afar..

    Hello - Scott here from the big game hunting mecca of........New Jersey....(whaaaat??). Actually, it is not that bad, we have a lot of public land (in addition to a lot of hunters) and some surprisingly high quality deer, turkey, and (when the politicians allow it), bear. I won't pretend to...