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    Meet the Pochards
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    Of Interest to Anyone Who Spends Time in Bear Country

    Fascinating article. Thank you very much for linking it. I have always suspected that there was something pretty hinky about the tired old statistics that everyone uses.
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    Red Flag Confiscation Orders

    Okay, suppose for a moment that there is good protection for the owner to get his guns back (There should be an automatic full return in 30 days or some such arbitrary timeline. I don't know, maybe there is). Now suppose further that I am a Colt collector, and I have a display case with a dozen...
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    So, because the road was "an overgrown two-track", nobody uses it? I suppose some folks might take this as an indictment of the entire "leave no trace" ethos. If the people who use that road had rutted it up and left a lot of damage, it might still be open. But of course, money talks. Now the...
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    Handling Trichinosis prone meats

    The cysts will be throughout on an infected animal, so just don't switch critters without cleaning your equipment. Good hygiene will take care of transfer, if you are transferring cysts you are not clean enough and you are transferring a lot of other stuff too.
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    Lunch meats

    Bresaola. No added fat, makes dynamite sammiches or great on its own, and you can make SOS with the little busted pieces left over at the bottom of the bag. It is absolutely the best way to use up the "football roasts", or round tip, from a deer. All that connective tissue doesn't matter when...
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    What would you do???

    In most states, if you leave a treestand on public land someone else is free to use it, but not to take it. I don't use either treestands or trail cameras because of the theft problem. One of the most basic tenets of law in this country is the concept of innocent until proven guilty. Although...
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    Durfee Hills

    Yeah, I didn't ask for more detail, as I was flying for work and inspecting mines. Since there is no way I can afford to chopper in anyway, it's not very relevant to me but I thought I would pass it on.
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    Durfee Hills

    I talked to a helicopter company in Bozeman last week. They said they no longer do this because the laws have been changed. I looked in the 2019 regulations and found nothing beyond no hunting on the same day you fly, so I am not sure what's up with it.
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    “Long range”/ smokeless muzzleloaders

    <Rant Deleted>. Carry on.
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    Black Bear Rookie

    Bear, when properly taken care of, is some of the finest game meat there is. It is nothing like pork at all, but as has been mentioned, there is some risk of trichinosis. Any carnivorous or omnivorous animal may carry trich. Hank Shaw has an excellent article on trichinosis on his website. The...
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    Elk Calf

    I've seen it happen many times with cattle. Mom puts baby down on the fenceline, because that's where the taller grass is to hide it in. Calf rolls around a bit, trying to get up, ends up standing up on the wrong side of the fence, and can't figure out how he got there. They generally manage to...
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    G Bar T Ranch FWP Big Belts = No Go For Public Land...

    But the neighbors' land is agricultural, which means they pay very little property tax in the first place. I'm betting that one of those "concerned neighbors" coincidentally buys the ranch at a discount pretty soon, now that the fair market value deal has been torpedoed.
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    Whats your take on the "GLYPHOSATE" Round Up Lawsuit in California

    The problem with the "it causes cancer" studies is that there are no direct food=>cancer links. It's all statistics. As they say, figures don't lie, but liars figure. A study with a tentative statistical link between any consumer item and any cancer has great shock value, so it gets picked up...
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    Whats your take on the "GLYPHOSATE" Round Up Lawsuit in California

    Suing the company because you chose not to follow the safety instructions PRINTED ON EVERY CONTAINER IN MULTIPLE LANGUAGES. And winning two billion dollars just for being stupid and careless. What a country.
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    Deer vision question.

    Some trail cameras flash in IR, some in UV. Laundry brighteners (and many synthetic fabrics) are designed to make colors fluoresce in UV light, and since there is a UV component to fluorescent lighting and sunlight, they look brighter to human vision. Since deer are weighted toward the blue end...
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    No Shooting Within A Quarter-Mile Of A Structure

    A firearm discharges at the muzzle. It's all exterior ballistics from there. It is possible, given some of the ridiculous definitions I have seen in the statutes, that it is defined otherwise in the law, but if so it is incorrect. There are other laws about shooting toward a building, but no...
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    No Shooting Within A Quarter-Mile Of A Structure

    Keep in mind, the restriction is on the discharge of a firearm within 1/4 mile. Not hunting. As long as you are standing outside the 1/4 mile radius, and not shooting directly toward the structure, you are okay. Also okay to hunt through the area as long as you don't shoot within 1/4 mile. You...
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    PA Changing the First Day of Rifle... Thoughts?

    Where I grew up, church was generally cancelled on opening weekend because the pastor was out hunting. But then I didn't grow up in a church community that was particularly rigid about never missing a service. I've never lived anywhere that didn't allow hunting on Sunday, so it doesn't really...
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    Bundy-ology ruled "Simply Delusional"

    Issue some cow tags...