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  1. Muskeez

    1 down. 2 to go.

    Wow, awesome bull! Congrats!
  2. Muskeez

    Mule Deer - One Trip Pack Out - By the Numbers

    Great stuff! Congrats on the buck! All I can say is 100 pounds? NOPE! = two trips for this guy. you're a beast. I hear lots of guys talk about 100 pound pack outs. I did 80 pounds once and felt 2 inches shorter when I got back.
  3. Muskeez

    Grand Slam, Bottom of the 9th, Colorado OTC

    Way to keep focused and positive! Great story and well deserved bulls!
  4. Muskeez

    High Country Muley Question

    I don't know squat, but maybe be in his bedroom when he comes back? It would be a one try deal, they'd either kill him or blow him out forever. But then again, maybe his next bedding area would be stalkable.(if they could ever find him again)
  5. Muskeez

    Daughter first antelope

    Way to go young Lady !! and dad :) My daughters are my favorite hunting partners, enjoy the time with them as much as possible while you can, she'll be in college before you know it!
  6. Muskeez

    Buck of the Year?

    Wow!! Congrats young man!! I'd say we all have a second new idol now, YOU!!
  7. Muskeez

    My First Elk - NM Bull

    Well deserved! Congrats!
  8. Muskeez

    Desert Bighorn - Pic Heavy

    Read info between pics again wyoboy :)
  9. Muskeez

    kinda neat idea for you backpack hunters who may wanna setup multiple sites

    Thinking the same Nick. My tent weighs less, goes up WAY faster, takes less space, no ax, hammer, nails needed, more waterproof, reusable, on and on. nice McGyver idea though. Put a match on it and you have a melted pile of plastic. Not what we need left on the land or the lake. I like the...
  10. Muskeez

    Stuck :/

    Lets see the truck :oops:
  11. Muskeez

    Which: Burn or Aspen Meadow Dead Fall Hell Hole

    Excessive deadfall gets old in a hurry. You can't cover very many acres in a day when constantly climbing over it. Plus it's dangerous, my buddy almost ended up with a wooden enema when he slipped off the top of one, that would have been nasty , (luckily it got his azz cheek instead) and...
  12. Muskeez

    Desert Bighorn - Pic Heavy

    Following! Best wishes!!
  13. Muskeez

    New Mexico Unit 21, 24 Antelope

    Congrats on a dang nice buck! Did you spot/stalk ? Waterhole? decoy?
  14. Muskeez

    Opening Day Bull

    Absolutely perfect! Congrats to both of you !!
  15. Muskeez

    Scouting for Montana Mountain Goats

    Dang! Great job!! beautiful animal!!
  16. Muskeez

    On Goat Point

    Blessed !! great job and congrats to the whole team!!
  17. Muskeez

    Leaving camp in co backcountry?

    Never had an issue, we leave the tent and bags set up. Hang the food away from camp, A little metal pulley on a separate rope helps. Setting up camp every night in the dark after a long day of hiking sux!
  18. Muskeez

    Backpack Bassin'

    Wow, beautiful country and bass! Thanks for sharing, I had never heard of that species of bass. Guessing very similar habits to the smallmouth up north.
  19. Muskeez

    Tikka trigger knowledge?

    It is an option when looking at different models. Thanks MJE for the great explanation. The only thing I could think of on "set trigger" was the old 2 triggers we had on an old muzzleloader years ago. thanks again!
  20. Muskeez

    How close is close?

    Amazing! I bet that shook the ground and was louder than it seemed on the video.