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  1. sluggo6850

    RIP Mr. Money

    Sorry to hear about Eddie, only 70 years old.
  2. sluggo6850

    Local Wyo prize winner

    Worthless POS x 2
  3. sluggo6850

    First Time Western Hunter from TN

    Welcome from SD. Good luck on your hunt, and post pictures!!
  4. sluggo6850

    Got a grey beard before 1st Archery Antelope

    Congrats on a nice goat, and a 40 year dream come true!
  5. sluggo6850

    Daughter first antelope

    Congrats to your daughter! Nothing like making family memories!
  6. sluggo6850

    2019 Archery Season Over

    Congrats on a nice buck!!
  7. sluggo6850

    Relapsed western hunter

    Welcome from just north of you, SD!
  8. sluggo6850

    1st drive lesson

    Mine was a volkswagon bug, and I was 12. quite the learning curve! The following summer I started working on a farm and had to learn all kinds of straight sticks. Good memories!
  9. sluggo6850

    Meet the Pochards

    Excellent work, love the detail!!
  10. sluggo6850

    My First Elk - NM Bull

    Congrats on a great bull, and thanks for the play by play!!
  11. sluggo6850

    11 month wait

    Good luck!
  12. sluggo6850

    Tape at the end of barrel?

    How does the tape work if you have a muzzle brake?
  13. sluggo6850

    Old Jon boat refurb/upgrade

    Thanks for the pics,it looks pretty sweet!
  14. sluggo6850

    New to the Forum.

    Welcome and thank you for your service! Good luck this fall!
  15. sluggo6850

    Old Jon boat refurb/upgrade

    Looks like quite a project! Any pics of it after the paint job and refurb.?!!
  16. sluggo6850

    Deer With Double Sets of Antlers

    the second one is doing a little sniffing!
  17. sluggo6850

    On Goat Point

    Thanks for sharing the awesome photos, and congrats to your son on a nice trophy!!