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  1. Kbbond

    Clean bore vs. "Copper equilibrium"

    I am relatively new to the realm of shooting MOA. I decided that I finally wanted to drop some coin on a "sub-MOA guaranteed rifle" and a suitable scope... $3,000 dollars later I have a Nosler M48 Liberty in 7mm RM and a Leupold VX-5HD scope. I have shot both factory and hand loads (I would...
  2. Kbbond

    Christensen Arms Mesa rifle

    Anybody have much experience with the CA Mesa rifle? I am looking at getting a new rifle and decided I was willing to spend some money for a quality rifle, and after looking around, became very interested in the CA Mesa chambered in 28 Nosler. I am not looking at shooting animals over 500...
  3. Kbbond

    So this is what Daniel Boone was raving about!

    Elk, deer, and pronghorn permeate 99% of my family's hunting stories and, aside from finding their tracks in our boot prints left hours before, those stories do not include black bears. Why? I have no clue. Dad and grandpa always proclaimed that "bear is greasy!" or "they are tougher than...
  4. Kbbond

    Hello from the mountains of Colorado!

    Hey everybody! Kyle here from Colorado, I was actually guided to this site while researching hunting ideas for my fall bear this past year...I did manage to tag out on a beautiful 300lb boar! Randy's show is incredible and I'm surprised it's taken me this long to find this groul after...