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  1. mikemulligan32

    Schnees Absaroka Boots

    Barely used, still very waterproof eVent membrane. Non insulated boot. Great for a wide variety of terrain. I believe they are a 3 on the schnees stiffness scale, 4 being the stiffest sole. Leather, full rubber Rand, polyU midsole. Size 13 wide $200 tyd
  2. mikemulligan32

    Schnees Granite 2's *brand new*

    Wore them around my house they're not gonna work for me. Retail for $480. 200 gram insulate Non Gortex lined Size 13 (D) $400 TYD
  3. mikemulligan32

    Great discussion on ethics HT podcast #98

    Hoping this doesn't turn into a big b****ing match but what are your thoughts on drawing blood and notching a tag. personally if I'm able to confirm that the animal is not going to die (obviously death from an infection is always a possibility but could also occur from an antler wound) I...
  4. mikemulligan32

    To call fish and game or not to call

    So, second day of rifle season, Montana, public land. Sitting on a glassing knob with my wife and someone steps out of their truck (far enough away to not be able to tell what they shot) and shoots twice at an animal about 12 min before legal shooting light. Would I be being petty to call them...
  5. mikemulligan32

    FS like new Kuiu Storm Star 2p tent

    Very lightly used, 4 season, two wall shelter. Total packed weight comes in at 5 lbs. 5 oz. This is an external pole shelter with the carbon poles, stakes and packing bags included. There are 8 internal pockets for storage and guy line on the roof for hanging clothing. This is a floored shelter...
  6. mikemulligan32

    2 Yeti 45 coolers white. Like new

    Just like the title says. One cooler has been used once, the other just a handful of times for cold water. No blood or meat (unfortunately). $600 $600.
  7. mikemulligan32

    Microphone / personal recorder.

    Im not looking to spend a ridiculous amount of $ but what is a good all around compact mic for capturing the dialogue of a hunt. I did some research on B&H and got steered towards a personal mic / recorder over an on board mic obviously but I don't know the advantage of either of these options...
  8. mikemulligan32

    New to Hunt Talk, resident of Bozeman, MT

    Just started rifle hunting with my family 3 years ago and a rookie bow hunter. I have alot to learn about this new lifestyle and I couldn't be more hooked. Im really excited to join a community so passionate about hunting.