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  1. Foxtrot1

    Cougar Trapping????

    Years ago I actually saw one in Colorado that I could have shot if I had a tag. We were both hanging out in the shade, waiting for mule deer to come toward the alfalfa fields. He was on one ridge, me the other. Watched him for hours, turned to look at a deer, then he was gone. I imagine it takes...
  2. Foxtrot1

    Cougar Trapping????

    This one is early in the brainstorming phase, and there would be plenty of leg work to do to make this happen, but how feasible do you think it would be to take a couple of weeks to go to NM to try to trap cougars? In theory, it should be possible to gain access to some ranches to help remove...
  3. Foxtrot1

    Plains game--need help choosing one more animal

    Waterbuck, gemsbok, nyala....
  4. Foxtrot1

    Outside Mag on the NEPA process

    I work with NEPA every day, todays standards for completing an EA are not what they were when the law was originally passed. Go back and compare one from 30 years ago to a modern one. The article is correct about the FS being underfunded and understaffed. The combination of rocketing costs of...
  5. Foxtrot1

    Any old Mauser experts in here? 8x57J rifle

    I am not an expert by any means, but I am a big fan of those old rifles. It looks like you have a commercial 98 made by Simson in Suhl, which was a center for firearm manufacture. It was probably manufactured between the world wars. They are nice, solid, working rifles. It does appear that it...
  6. Foxtrot1

    Snapping Turtle

    When I was a kid, I used to catch them and give them to guys that worked on the farm. They loved them. They would only take them alive. They would put them in a water basin and change the water daily for a couple of weeks while feeding them table scraps. No idea if there was any truth to it, but...
  7. Foxtrot1

    Lunch meats

    I've corned deer hind quarters and roasts from larger game for pastrami. Also whole hind quarters rubbed on the outside and smoked are an excellent sub for "roast beef". If it isnt cured, you just have to be careful how long the portions hang around in the fridge. If you slice them then vacuum...
  8. Foxtrot1

    Grizzlies in the Greater Yellowstone back on the endangered species list

    It truly is a shame what a circus wildlife management has become. Just imagine if the scientist we pay were able to do their jobs and all the funds wasted on frivolous lawsuits were actually used to improve wildlife habitat......
  9. Foxtrot1

    A pair of 9.3s

    Those 9.3x74 no 1s are some interesting rifles. I might have a problem, but I keep going back and looking at them. But I need one like a hole in the head. Haha
  10. Foxtrot1

    A pair of 9.3s

    The past few years I have been attracted to some of european medium bores. Overall they are pretty sensible rounds that fit in a standard action. The first rifle is a custom CZ550 9.3x62 built by AHR in Montana. It's basically a double square bridge mauser action that's been upgraded with a...
  11. Foxtrot1

    2020 UK Hunting offer

    Hi Devon, Thank you for such a generous offer. I would definitely be interested in coming over to hunt with you. What time frame would you be looking at for 2020?
  12. Foxtrot1

    7mm-08 Etip exit wounds and blood trails

    I shot barnes tsx bullets from my 7mm Rem Mag on a plains game safari in South Africa. It was the first time I had used all copper bullets on game. As other guys have noted, I observed smaller exit wounds than with standard lead core bullets, maybe the size of a quarter. Also less bloodshot...
  13. Foxtrot1

    Recovered Bullets

    They shoot great in my rifle. And it's tough to beat them for the $$$. I don't think they would be a problem for up to about 300lbs or so. That was a heavy raking shot thru a shield, shoulder bone, and a couple of vertebrae. Guessing it penetrated 20-24". I bet if you slowed them down a little...
  14. Foxtrot1

    Recovered Bullets

    1. 7mm barnes tsx fired from a 7mm Rem Mag. 2950 fps @ the muzzle. 160 gr original. 145.5 retained. .565" diameter. 2 petals peeled off. Recovered from a blesbok shot head on at 75 yds. Bullet was under the skin on the back leg. 2. 250 gr nosler accubond fired from a 93.x62 mauser @2550 fps at...
  15. Foxtrot1

    What States Have You Hunted

    Al- Home state, everything AR-Waterfowl CO-Elk, mule deer GA-Deer IL-Pheasants, deer KY-Elk ME-Deer, moose, bear, grouse NC-Deer, bear, tundra swans NM-Oryx SD-Pheasants Tx-Hogs, aoudad WY-Pronghorn, mule deer, sage grouse
  16. Foxtrot1

    Any 9.3x62 handloaders?

    I've tried IMR 4320, varget, and ramshot big game. All grouped well, but my best velocities came from big game. I get a little more than 2400 fps from my 285 gr prvi loads and 2550 fps from 250 gr nosler accubonds. These are approaching max load, but not exceeding it. It also meters really well...
  17. Foxtrot1

    1976 Ruger Model No. 1