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  1. Bigjav

    Vortex razor 4000

    Anyone have any experience with this rangefinder?
  2. Bigjav

    Nevada Deer tags

    Any idea when NV sends their deer tags out? I’ve received my cow elk tag but haven’t received my deer tag yet.
  3. Bigjav

    Case Lube

    I’ve had a couple of Hornady cases hang up in my RCBS resizing die for a 26 Nosler. The rim case has folded over on itself and pulled out of the shell holder and I’ve had to use the shell extractor to get them out of the die and ruined the case. I don’t think it’s the sizing die but I thought...
  4. Bigjav

    CA bobcats

    Another gem from the Golden State🙄. A bill that's proposing to ban bobcat hunting and trapping...just another form of ballot box biology and my favorite animal legislation
  5. Bigjav

    Slower than posted velocity

    I loaded some 308 the other day with Barnes 168 TTSX at max charge of 47.9gr BLC2 powder with federal gold medal primers and went to the range today and got chronograph readings an average of 100fps slower than the published velocity out of a 26" barrel. Could it be a bad chronograph or could...
  6. Bigjav

    Barnes LRX question

    Is there any difference between the LRX and triple shock bullets other than the LRX have a higher ballistic coefficient? Is made of a softer metal that will expand at a lower velocity?
  7. Bigjav

    Colorado deer posted

    CO posted this afternoon and my dad and me drew 3rd season. We fouled up in past years chasing a 4th season tag and were still at least 5-7 years out, my dad’s getting up there in age and fortunately he’s still able to hunt but chasing that goddamn glory tag got us when we probably could've been...
  8. Bigjav

    Partition or Accubond

    Other than the accubond having a higher BC, is there any terminal performance advantage between the two bullets on game?
  9. Bigjav

    Vortex Fury rangefinder binoculars

    Does anyone have any experience with the vortex fury binoculars? If so how is the glass and do you think it’s worthwhile over regular vortex binos and a rangefinder?
  10. Bigjav

    NM results out

    NM results out, I’m skunked again without a tag
  11. Bigjav

    New Wyoming antler restrictions

    Saw a go hunt article that now Wyoming will place a 4point restriction on mule deer in region F, can anyone confirm this and if so does anyone have the details?
  12. Bigjav

    Colorado Preference point question

    Just want to make sure of something...There’s no pot of tags set aside for nonresidents it’s strictly highest points get the tag with a cap on percentage of nonresidents? I was looking at a unit and saw no nonresident tags issued and was curious if this is the case.
  13. Bigjav

    Leupold spotting scope

    Has anyone had any experience running the small gold ring spotting scope(11-30x50)?
  14. Bigjav

    Damn you Wyoming, LOL

    Why won’t you take my money and give me a limited draw elk tag, :confused: oh well there’s always next year:rolleyes:
  15. Bigjav

    Easton FMJ pro series

    I saw there’s new pro series Easton FMJ’s with 0.001 straightness. Wondering if anyone has tried them yet, and if so what did you think of them?
  16. Bigjav

    Arizona nonresident hunting license cost

    The current nonresident hunting license is $160, does anyone know if that cost has been steady the past years or has it been rising?
  17. Bigjav

    GoHunt insider service price

    Does anyone know what the price tag is for the gohunt insider and if they have any promo codes?
  18. Bigjav

    New Colorado interface

    Has anyone used the new Colorado DOW website? I went on there and couldn't find the link to look at my bonus points and saw that you need to create an account to get tags online.
  19. Bigjav

    Montana 610t gps

    Anyone have any experience with the garmin Montana 610t gps? I'm thinking about getting one but am shy on pulling the trigger. I would be using with an onX chip
  20. Bigjav

    Howa ceracoated rifle

    Does anyone have any experience with a Howa ceracoated model? I found one in a 7mm-08 and was looking into getting one