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  1. dan.kirkpatrick

    colorado draw results in time to apply in idaho?

    im waiting on idaho to the last day,,hoping the colorado results come out?how many others are doing the same?
  2. dan.kirkpatrick

    has anybody got there new mexico tags yet?

    it shows i drew a deer tag?havnt recived the tag in the mail yet?has anybody gotten theres yet?
  3. dan.kirkpatrick

    Idaho throphy species non res odds?

    I know idaho,s is 10% non res limit on tags,,but how do they figure the draw odds for non resident?we draw with all the residents,then if the 10% cap hasnt been met,we get the tag???idahos website as well as go hunt and eastmans dont reflect this?As a non res ,if there are low tag #s on a...
  4. dan.kirkpatrick

    unit 57/58 colorado elk 1st sea rifle?

    Ive been eyeballing this unit and might put in this year?at 39 pct public land,im wondering how the public access is?its a eastmans geen chip unit,"but d rating for access",wondering if anybody has any "boots on the ground" on this unit??shows a decent success rate,,ect,,have fished around the...
  5. dan.kirkpatrick

    2019 oregon spring bear,,changes made

    just about time to put in for spring bear.looks like s w Oregon has been moved into the draw{4400 tags} as well as w blue mts being split up.does anybody know how this will change the draw or points needed this year? I don't think the stats will be very accurate,,go hunt,percentage tags,or...
  6. dan.kirkpatrick

    oregons new e-tag set up for smart phones?oregon too cheap to sell paper?

    just went through the process of getting my new hunt licence for 2019.seems a bit complicated but got thru it.but it shows that my elk tag is still valid through march,,also my hunting partners shows it too.time to load up for the weekend and give it 1 more try!!!looks like they got some bugs to...
  7. dan.kirkpatrick

    wyoming hma area//rattlesnake mts unit 89 deer?is deer allowed?

    Ive been in there a few years back antelope hunting,,but was looking at the areas current hma rules and don't see where they have deer?just a black mark?so a lot of the particular area is blm it ok to hunt the blm land here even in the hma area for deer? this is one of the bigger patches...
  8. dan.kirkpatrick

    new colorado atv stickers wont stick?

    got a new atv sticker for my quad,but apparently Colorado has switched there sticker set up from a couple years ago,,now it has a plastic outside portion to attach the tag,but it wants to wrinkle and just wont stick??sticker I got a couple years ago was a normal sticker?anybody else having...
  9. dan.kirkpatrick

    utah cent mts/manti/san raf muzzy deer general

    drew a muzzy deer tag this year for this unit with hopes that some day ill pull the muzzy l e elk tag someday,,this way I can start to get familiar with the unit,,any tips on deer or future elk would be greatly appreciated.ive heard the skyline rd is good place to start but can get...
  10. dan.kirkpatrick

    deer in western colorado?

    this might be my year to pull a deer tag in western Colorado.was wondering how the deer are doing in units 21,22 10,30 ,31 or 40 areas?heard there was a major down turn in the area after 2008 and it hasn't recovered yet as of 2013?not much recent new info?have the deer numbers and quality...
  11. dan.kirkpatrick

    wyoming non-resident,general elk units???what to pick ?

    Ive drawn the general elk tag this year and am wondering if anybody can give me some help on decent areas to try?im looking to go oct1st-17th approx. so I need units that will be open at that time without a bunch of wilderness in them.Im primarily looking at units...
  12. dan.kirkpatrick

    new mexico elk choices?draw is getting close.

    I was wondering if anybody had any info on a few nm units?am considering unit 12,13,6a,6c,and 37.was wondering about public access in 12 and 13,is there a decent amount of public?13 late,are the elk still there? unit 37 public access?any info on any would be great!!don't need honey hole,just...
  13. dan.kirkpatrick

    idaho 52 a late muzz deer

    didn't think I would actually draw ,but I did,,have only driven by this unit.If anybody out there has any info or tips on this hunt or what to expect please let me know.hunt will be nov 10th-24th so the rut or migration should be kicking in by then.ive heard there can be some nice ones...
  14. dan.kirkpatrick

    utah starting to hit cc for 2016

    got a hit for $268 today,,Utah gen deer again,but im happy with that,,
  15. dan.kirkpatrick

    oregon 2016 spring bear results out today

    drew my 1st choice this year,,,headed to the east side.good luck to allon your draws
  16. dan.kirkpatrick

    new colo $15 refund fee for 2016?

    whats up with Colorado?just read that there will be a new $15 fee for app or tag refunds?they just upped there non-res app to $40 per point just a couple years ago from $27 previously?now this if I read it correctly would now make a refund and point now cost$55 ???anybody else catch this?
  17. dan.kirkpatrick

    colorado 69-84 1st season elk?

    got lucky and pulled this limited tag this year.have searched the web and stats pages.just looking for any tips from anybody that has been around the san-Isabel nf,or hunted in that approx. area? ill be coming out from Oregon 1200 + miles and will be lucky if I can get a couple -xtra scouting...
  18. dan.kirkpatrick

    oregon tag results are out today

    online results now out.not good for me,,,unsuccessful on all but a 3rd {poor choice}late bow elk
  19. dan.kirkpatrick

    oregon spring bear results just out today

    good luck,,,
  20. dan.kirkpatrick

    point creep in colorado??

    Ive been eyeballing a few diferent units in colorado that according to the draw last year I should be able to draw this year,,,question is if the unit was 100% chance draw last year with such and such points would point creep knock it down for 2015?and by how much? is it just a guessing game?it...