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  1. ShootsManyBullets

    I'm 20 years old. What's your excuse?

    The boys are gettin' BIG!
  2. ShootsManyBullets

    Region 7 Antelope help?

    Gas up the truck and drive around some public ground. Do some glassing. They're not exactly sasquatch.
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    Old Jon boat refurb/upgrade

    Das Boat! Awesome
  4. ShootsManyBullets

    2019 Dove Season

    AWESOME! I have shotguns and will travel...
  5. ShootsManyBullets

    New WBY Caliber

    I should probably just volunteer myself to test one...
  6. ShootsManyBullets

    Montana Deer Alternates List

    Yeah I got one once. A letter showed up about this time of year and I said F it and sent them a check. Was a few years ago before they sold out in 11 seconds like they do now.
  7. ShootsManyBullets

    6.5 man bun.

    Matcha powder works well in the Creed
  8. ShootsManyBullets

    Wolves make people crazy. Fact

    There wasn't a movie called Dances with Coyotes. . . The Big Bad Coyote didn't huff and puff and blow your house down. . . There was no Teen Coyote... There was no Coyote of Wall Street. . . I wish I understood the city slickers infatuation with wolves, but I don't. Well maybe I really don't...
  9. ShootsManyBullets

    Are cheap tripods worth it?

    You'll survive with it but you'll be miserable soon. Find something decent that's used or save up a couple more bucks. So far your budget is a tank of gas so make it 2 tanks of gas and you'll have something better to rest your optics on.
  10. ShootsManyBullets

    For RockinU - Common Cartridge Choices

    Gun manufacturers everywhere hate what you posted. Murica needs sexy new 6.5's, Creedmore everything, and anything metric that might fool us into thinking it's something exotic and European.
  11. ShootsManyBullets

    Elk Don’t Like Hikers

    Same in OR and WA. Hikers everywhere "loving nature" on IG with no understanding of it. Looks like we need a tax on Subaru, Prius, and Patagonia to fund further studies on this topic. In the meantime they can #keephammering until the animals are all gone.
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    CO leftover day

    The million dollar question...
  13. ShootsManyBullets

    Wyoming - flying aircraft over private to access public land

    Late to the party here, but it felt like the OP was just trying to start some stuff and see if he could get tossed. Good entertainment. Lou Pinella used to do that all the time when his teams were getting boat raced. Nice way to get half a day off.
  14. ShootsManyBullets

    Pot is not legal in CO or anywhere else in the US.

    Once it starts growing in more states I would anticipate the price going down and the smaller operators fold. But I wonder if deer will grow bigger antlers? It's a cure all too It cures fits, warts, freckles, coughs, Colds, runny nose. Guaranteed not to rip, run or snag. Makes conception a...
  15. ShootsManyBullets

    Pot is not legal in CO or anywhere else in the US.

    Guys this legal weed stuff could be great for hunting. Records could be shattered soon! The link below could be the proof the QDMA has been looking for. Bucks everywhere look to capitalize on the growing hemp industry
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    How much gun is too much?

  17. ShootsManyBullets

    Road blocks in New Mexico

    Maybe these guys are lookin Columbian bam bam? Possibly Walter White?
  18. ShootsManyBullets

    Eastern OR

    Not the place I'd go packing in for my first time. IMO you'd have a better experience picking a unit that isn't mostly vertical for the first time putting camp on your back.
  19. ShootsManyBullets

    Idaho Elk Tags SOLD OUT

    Oregon NR elk is under 600 and has a lot of options. Using their website is confusing at best. 415 is a good deal on a NR elk tag. I'm sure ID would love to find ways to squander the revenue from increased tag fees. The deer tag tag's a good value too. MT is retarded expensive unless you're...