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  1. NYyotekiller

    Sights bottomed out, now what?

    If you’re running out of adjustment with your entire scope ring then you might be able to adjust the entire housing by removing it and moving it down to the next adjustment holes. Most sights you should be able to do this with.
  2. NYyotekiller

    Don’t laugh... What is your hunting rig?

    Can’t go wrong with the Subaru. Like previously mentioned, their AWD system can be superior to most trucks 4WD system. Also, they have more ground clearance than the majority of the newer half ton pickups on the road today as well. Only negative to a truck might be overall cargo capacity.
  3. NYyotekiller

    Rut heating up in MT

    :oops: Oh Boy!
  4. NYyotekiller

    Secretary of the Interior allows E-bike access on BLM lands

    Here ya go. Get one of these puppies on order. Pretty cool, but its gonna spoil about $250K. Should be able to lift up to 1100lbs.
  5. NYyotekiller

    Secretary of the Interior allows E-bike access on BLM lands

    I agree, drones would be benefit for carrying gear in, and game out, but the technology is not there yet, and the FAA simply won’t allow it. Not to mention the cost of a drone that’s capable of carrying those kinds of loads is crazy expensive. Still not sold on them being beneficial for...
  6. NYyotekiller

    Win an Elk Hunt with Big Fin

    5 entries for this guy as well.
  7. NYyotekiller

    Long Drive with High Mileage Truck

    I remember back in the mid 90’s when my stepfather drove his 1985 Dodge Ram Charger out to Montana from New York to hunt mule deer. Thing had just shy of 300k and if anybody remembers that generation of Mopar engines you had to check the gas and fill the oil. He brought the title with him in...
  8. NYyotekiller

    Secretary of the Interior allows E-bike access on BLM lands

    I’m a licensed drone “pilot” and use one for work as a professional Land surveyor but I just don’t see where they would benefit you hunting whatsoever. They make so much noise that they mostly spook game, and legally you’re supposed to keep them in your sight at all times. Problem is most...
  9. NYyotekiller

    Arrow recommendations?

    Easton Axis are very good all around arrow.
  10. NYyotekiller

    2019 Archery Season Over

    Beautiful deer! Congratulations. Your seasons over, and mines still almost a month away.
  11. NYyotekiller


    They look like a nice tire. Hopefully you have good luck with them.
  12. NYyotekiller

    pa guy

    Do it! Your only as old as you feel.
  13. NYyotekiller

    Satelite or ariel images

    Tough to beat Google Earth, Bing Maps, and Yahoo for their free satellite imagery. You need to have access to a large format plotter in order to make a print as large as you want, but it can be done using those three free options.
  14. NYyotekiller


    I would go with a different option other than the Yokohama Geolanders. I have two different work trucks that have them on them and they are the worst wearing tire we’ve ever had. Both rigs have tires chopped to sheet even when rotating the sneakers every 5K and new alignments done when the tires...
  15. NYyotekiller

    Opening Day Bull

    Nicely done!
  16. NYyotekiller

    Satellite phone where to rent

    I’ve never rented one myself, but these guys rent them.
  17. NYyotekiller

    American Prairie Reserve Purchases 14,000 Acre Ranch

    Looks like some pretty good ground that they purchased. I located the 9600 +/- acres on Onyx and its bordered by mostly APR, or BLM ground. It opens up quite a large chunk of hunt-able ground.
  18. NYyotekiller

    Hoyt Nitrux?

    Although the Nitrux is a good bow, it is quite expensive for a “budget” bow IMO. I would buy a used or a new leftover Helix, RX-1, or RX-3. With the 2020 bows not far from being released you can get great deals from either guys looking to upgrade, or dealers looking to get rid of previous years...
  19. NYyotekiller

    Secretary of the Interior allows E-bike access on BLM lands

    Not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I thought this was interesting.
  20. NYyotekiller

    Elk 2020

    I would go with Idaho for my first pick followed closely by Colorado.