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  1. JoMo

    North Dakota Bull Elk Hunt

    Nice work! Thanks for the awesome write up! Something to keep us entertained when we are not in the hills ourselves.
  2. JoMo

    Hunting Meme Thread

  3. JoMo

    My First Elk - NM Bull

    Sounds awesome! Nice work!
  4. JoMo

    Best trophy Room I have ever seen

    I was thinking the same thing!
  5. JoMo

    Opening Day Bull

    That is awesome! Bittersweet to get the job done so quickly.
  6. JoMo

    Secretary of the Interior allows E-bike access on BLM lands

    I am all for e bikes but not in non-motorized areas. Bad precedent for sure.
  7. JoMo

    CO leftover day

    Wash, rinse, repeat. New year, same story... Blue wheel of death spinning...
  8. JoMo


    All good advice above! Good pack, good boots, load cinched down tightly, trekking poles all make for more comfortable. I try to do as much hiking as possible and purposely pack more than I need during the summer to get a workout in. Then, when you do hike out meat for the real deal, make sure...
  9. JoMo

    Colorado - 5-year Big Game Season Structure

    Thanks for posting.
  10. JoMo

    How do you use your Antelope Meat???

    I could not agree more! We also make carne adovada with elk/deer chunks all the time and simply eat them with potatoes and tortillas. If you are fortunate to get some homemade tortillas - look out!
  11. JoMo

    Idaho Elk Hunt Video

    Great video! Thanks for sharing!
  12. JoMo

    Green backpacker

    Definitely echo using a pack that is capable of making the pack out less chitty - I mean fun. Last year I did kill a smaller mulie buck on a solo backpack rifle hunt about 5 miles from my four wheeler. I also used my trusty osprey backpack and it sucked. Maybe I suck at physics but I the...
  13. JoMo

    General unit archery bull

    Nice work! I would take that bull every time - looks delicious!
  14. JoMo

    Let's get to cooking!!

    Haha - no man bun or 6.5 creedmore here. Just an interest in some delicious grub. Feeling like I have a solid grasp on my electric pressure cooker, I think the sous vide is the ticket for some juicy steaks!
  15. JoMo

    Let's get to cooking!!

    Thanks - we are definitely going for rare and the back strap is not cut into pieces. I like to keep 10-12" sections and then I typically grill those up and then slice to serve. I have not done it this way yet with a full chunk in the sous vide. So with 120 degrees for the water - how long...
  16. JoMo

    Let's get to cooking!!

    @wllm1313 and @Colorado Kid - Any tips for a sous vide big chunk of backstrap? Is it worth it? We are heading to our cabin with a few couples and have a couple pieces of elk backstrap that we want to use the sous vide for. We have used it a few times for other steaks and love it. I am...
  17. JoMo

    CO leftovers

    So painful. I keep updating the leftover sheet and my top two choices are now gone, and the third choice is getting whittled away... At least some folks are getting in... Pain in the ass!
  18. JoMo

    CO leftovers

    The blue wheel of death! SLOW!!!
  19. JoMo

    ALT-Facts on Public Lands

    I love these off-limits areas! I must be a bad example for wife and daughter too!
  20. JoMo

    Colorado Draw Results

    It's also interesting to note that the date stamp on the Deer Recap PDF is 5/14/2018 @11:37am. Just like everyone else mentioned above - they clearly are in the business of creating stress for all of us! Thank you for sharing!