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  1. Trial153

    Sights bottomed out, now what?

    Just reposition the housing.
  2. Trial153

    Major Climate Change Rules the Trump Administration Is Reversing

    He would be crazy to give up the governorship to be a freshman senator.
  3. Trial153

    Breaks hunters be prepared

    the tag numbers are insane, Not sure what they are trying to accomplish giving out that many tags. Just another hunt to stack off the list this point. It a shame because I love the country.
  4. Trial153

    trojan horse

    We only get what we deserve. Americans have hoodwinked themselves into a two party system that only attracts the self-serving into the arena of politics. Till we change that we will keep getting the same ilk.
  5. Trial153

    trojan horse

    Pretty sad what on the table for choices on both sides.
  6. Trial153

    Major Climate Change Rules the Trump Administration Is Reversing

    While I agree with much/ some of this administrations decisions. They definitely prioritize economics and corporate hegemony over the well-being of the environment. Their environmental policies suck.
  7. Trial153

    Hiking in from across unit borders

    No problem
  8. Trial153

    Daughter first antelope

    Excellent! Congrats to you both!
  9. Trial153

    Where should I hunt??

    Welcome to hunt talk....
  10. Trial153

    Buck of the Year?

    Tottaly Fantastic
  11. Trial153

    Pack care between washings

    Hose it and hang it
  12. Trial153

    Late Season Elk Arizona 5A

    Welcome to Hunt Talk
  13. Trial153

    KUIU outside of the west?

    Kuiu is great for treestand whitetail hunting if you like to wear 36 layers and still freeze your ass off. Better off with sitka for sure.
  14. Trial153

    Recent decline in deer populations.

    There are places in the Northeast that have declined as well. Not sure there is uniform answer as to why in since it a has taken place in varied locations. Turkeys as well. Our population is nowhere near what it used to be
  15. Trial153

    InReach question

    Never had any issue, I have reactivated it several times. Call them. There CS and support is excellent
  16. Trial153

    A Public Lands Ethics Question

    It's going to happen on public land. You will run into the best and worst of us.
  17. Trial153

    Arrow recommendations?

    I am somewhat of an arrow nut. There are very few arrows like across all the offered spines ACCs in 390s are excellent with brass h inserts In 350 spine arrows I really like BEA Rampages and Victorys RIP ...both .204 ID shafts that I will brass hits and flanged footers.. In 300 spine I like...
  18. Trial153

    Contact Lenses

    I case them and put them in my quilt with me at night.
  19. Trial153

    2019 Archery Season Over