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    Wyoming Elk

    Looks good.. thanks for sharing, sure is some nice country.
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    New to Elk Hunting

    I don't know anything about the area, just wanted to say good luck on your hunt.
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    Bull down in Jarbidge NV

    Congratulations, sounds like a great time.
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    pa guy

    Welcome, a 223 will kill any whitetail here. A 243 is a little better in my opinion. There is a lot of good bullets for the 223 that will work fine though. Good Luck
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    Guided Hunts--when would or have you done them?

    I'd say obviously when law requires it. My Newfoundland moose was guided last year and when I decide to hunt mountain goat in Alaska it will be. I must say though when I draw Arizona elk I will really be thinking about it. Other than that I like driving across country and hunting on my own.
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    Florida Swamp Lizards

    Very cool. Congrats
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    Accommodations in Casper, Wyoming

    I stayed at the KOA and they were not really hunter friendly. The Horse Shoe Bar and Grill is a pretty good hole in the wall place for a couple drinks and decent food.
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    Pa Elk drawing

    I'm in for all 3 also, good luck to everyone.
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    One gun hunter

    Yes I have a Weatherby in 300 WSM and a Remington SP10 that are my go to guns. I keep getting new rifles and will hunt in doe season with one here or there but those 2 are my go to guns.
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    Calls in rifle season

    I am thinking I should have a cow call or 2 to stop an elk if they are coming past me ? I use a lot of mouth calls turkey hunting and am pretty good with them but never touched an elk call. I use TOP calls, they have a metal band in them I can bend and fit to my mouth. Do the rocky mountain...
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    PA elk

    Good luck in the draw this year, I'm in for all 3. I think I have 13 points now for any rifle tag and don't plan to draw but someone has to.
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    PA elk

    My son, Dad and I made a trip out to see some elk over the weekend. It was hot like in the 90s but we got there around 5:30am and stayed until 8:15am saw around 10 elk and 30ish deer. Thought I'd share some photos for everyone.
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    Hunting / camping unit 70 CO

    I drew a first rifle either sex tag for unit 70 Colorado. My plans are looking like hunting the areas between the lone cone / little cone... I’m thinking camping on the F/S ground down by the miramonte reservoir. Is this a good place to start ? I think I want to camp lower in elevation and drive...
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    Family Vehicle

    Quigley... E250 used or Express 2500 new ?
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    SMOKER: electric or propane

    I think it comes down to what your really want to make in it. I have for jerky and bologna / sausage a smoker I built that is 4x4x8 feet with a regular entry door siding and a shingled roof "picture an outhouse". Inside I use a propane turkey cooker burner and a 12 inch cast pan. I drilled a...
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    July 2019 ammo restrictions

    Now I have never been to California nor do I plan to really but... Am I to assume from the post above that crossing the border into your state from the neighboring states that I would go through a check point of sort like when I cross the US border into Canada ?
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    Oh yes Wyoming

    No love for me in Wyoming, I am amazed how many more applications there were from years before.
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    Oh yes Wyoming

    We put in for type 6 antelope, hopefully stopping on our way home from a Colorado first season elk hunt. Good luck everyone.
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    Newbie looking for any NV Elk guidence

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    Pellet Grill/Smoker

    I just got a Pit Boss 820 a few weeks ago after tossing the idea around for almost 2 years. I wish I'd have got it sooner, I made chicken quarters, turkey drum sticks, moose meat balls, and antelope sausage so far on it and its all been great. I will still use the Webber for burgers and steaks...