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  1. RobG

    FLIR? Whats next?

  2. RobG

    FLIR? Whats next?

    I am sure Jim Bob’s equipment from two bear air search and rescue is the best out there, but you can see what a difference it makes.
  3. RobG

    Contact Lenses

    Put them in a pocket.
  4. RobG

    Erratic shooting at short distance

    I have an interesting finding. Yesterday I was shooting mostly at 40 yards and doing pretty good. Then I switched to 20 yards. I shot 4 at the black mark that was about 3' off the ground, and 4 at the black mark about 5'5 off the ground. As you can see, the group at the 3' high mark is horrible...
  5. RobG

    Pack care between washings

    A guy at Mystery Ranch told me to soak it in warm soapy water to get the stink out of it. I did that and it was fortunate my wife was out of town because the tub got pretty ugly. I told the MR guy that I saw a picture of OYOA's Marcus Hockett cleaning them with a car wash pressure washer. He...
  6. RobG

    Stalking Reds on the Texas Coast

    Maybe next year. I have some of my good memories of Texas fly fishing that area for redfish when I lived there, but I have only been back once in the last 20 years. I liked that cover on the BHA Journal too; it looked like hill country.
  7. RobG

    Montana 580 access

    If that is where you want to go it's probably easier to go up Big Timber Creek (trail 119 and 122). You can walk through (but not hunt) the private land on all but the last few sections of 122 before the Sweet Grass trailhead (which you have to pay to use during the hunting season).
  8. RobG

    Need genius advice from an Archery Physics Geek

    It might be worth it to find an archery shop with a chronometer and measure speed of different arrow weights.
  9. RobG

    Made me think of TopGun 30-06 RIP

    I had a few conversations with him. He was a good guy.
  10. RobG

    Made me think of TopGun 30-06 RIP

    Is it "too soon" to name a highway pull-off after him? ;)
  11. RobG

    Clear the freezer challenge (need recipes)

    Hank Shaw’s Tunisian shanks blew us away. Seriously good and easy.
  12. RobG

    Secretary of the Interior allows E-bike access on BLM lands

    Sytes - the attitudes of a few of your friends aren't a good measure, in part because I'm sure you don't hang around with idiots. Let's assume the responsible rider to irresponsible riders ratio around Bozeman is one hundred to one. We have over 100,000 people in Gallatin county, so even if only...
  13. RobG

    Secretary of the Interior allows E-bike access on BLM lands

    I agree with this. There is a ton of research into batteries with the emphasis on making them lighter and cheaper. While the cutting edge will get more expensive, the previous generations will go down in price. It happens everywhere.
  14. RobG

    Secretary of the Interior allows E-bike access on BLM lands

    Sytes, unfortunately slalom and backcountry biking go hand in hand because you get all these spur trails wherever you allow them. In any population there are a few bad ones who don’t follow the rules.
  15. RobG

    On Goat Point

    Nice job.
  16. RobG

    Secretary of the Interior allows E-bike access on BLM lands

    Today I found an illegal mountain bike trail south of Bozeman. It was complete with wooden jumps and banked slalom courses down gullies. I only followed it 1/2 mile but I'm sure it is a couple miles long. The trail density is already getting out of hand without the adrenaline crowd adding to...
  17. RobG

    Yellowstone wolf population is declining

    My dad only shot them when necessary for self defense, which was all of the time.
  18. RobG

    Yellowstone wolf population is declining

    To impress greenhorn I went grouse hunting this afternoon. I found an illegal mountain bike trail. I also saw and ate lots of chantrelles, huckleberries, strawberries, goose berries, fairy ball berries, and even grouse berries. But I saw no grouse. In fact, it seems the only time I ever see...
  19. RobG

    Yellowstone wolf population is declining

    Onpoint, to follow up, you keep bringing up data, but Julie is the only one in this conversation that made a comment based on data (with the caveat that I may have misinterpreted her comment). It flies in the face of everything you seem to be saying about us making conclusions based on personal...