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  1. jeremyA1987

    1st Solo elk confessions/lessons learned

    That sounds like a great adventure and a huge learning experience! No shame in that. I applaud you for trying something new and getting after it solo.
  2. jeremyA1987

    Gauze or No Gauze

    I carry a first aid kit all the time; just lives in the bottom of my day pack. It's about the size of a 1liter water bottle. It goes with me for all fishing, camping, hunting, hiking, and all school trips (outdoor education and track/field). Besides Band-Aids and topical antibiotic the most used...
  3. jeremyA1987

    Don’t laugh... What is your hunting rig?

    The outback would probably be just fine. You would have to be mindful of the weather; snow or rain and those dirt roads in Wyoming turn to a slick mess. Depends on when/where I'm going. If I can I just take my wife's Corolla. If I'm expecting bad weather or roads I take my F150. Next open tag is...
  4. jeremyA1987

    WY Unit 34 Nimmo Ranch

    Good info, thanks for sharing! I heard the same thing about the state lands inside NIMMO, but then I read this: Enforcement of it might depend on on who stops you or who you are talking too. I've got a pronghorn doe tag for 34 and a whitetail doe for 15 (pretty much same area) and I'm just...
  5. jeremyA1987

    WY Unit 34 Nimmo Ranch

    I drove by it the other day and saw a small herd on the south side. I have a slip for Oct 15 on, I'll be happy to share what I find out and how it goes after that!
  6. jeremyA1987

    How to Tag a Colorado Elk

    I might not be doing it the BEST way, but after its is boned out (one quarter still has to have evidence of sex naturally attached) I zip-tie the tag right to a chunk next to or directly on the evidence of sex and then throw a ziplock bag over the whole deal. The ziplock might be overkill, but...
  7. jeremyA1987

    Wyoming tags

    My deer tag showed up yesterday. I'm going to have to buy it in-person next year; those stamps are pretty cool..
  8. jeremyA1987

    Does this type of hunt exist? (Self Guided cow elk)

    I've hunted a cow tag in Colorado that has gone to leftover for the last couple years.. been a good freezer filling option.
  9. jeremyA1987

    Oh yes Wyoming

    First time applying in Wyoming, got a WT doe and Antelope doe tag.. will definitely be a good time! 20 minute drive North for hunting is hard to beat.
  10. jeremyA1987

    Anyone else have giant feet? Boot options

    Thanks for the list and the recommendations! I've worn Vasque Wasatch GTX size 16 for about ten years and loved them, but they were discontinued.. been looking for some other good options... Been wearing a cheap WalMart pair till I can find a pair I like.
  11. jeremyA1987

    First time bow hunting for elk in Southwest MT

    I'm not sure you are asking the right questions.. Elevation doesn't matter as much as habitat, what are the elk looking for during that time of year, what do they need? Same thing goes for the slope directions, which slope has what they need? I'd start here.. I love Randy's "system", it's not...
  12. jeremyA1987

    CO 68/681 Deer

    I grew up not too far from there.. I'd second the vote that 681 is a little better, but there are deer and elk in 68. Lots of good hunting area around Bonanza and Villa Gove (and some clothing optional hot springs to relax in after a long day ;).... Tell Neil the Nudist I say "Hi"). A general...
  13. jeremyA1987

    CO draw results

    Got all my first choices: Cow Elk 056 Rifle, Either Deer 009 Archery, Doe Antelope 088 Rifle... Gonna have some good time in the woods/plains and some meat in the freeze (hopefully!). Now I just have to wait for the Wyoming draw.
  14. jeremyA1987

    Backpack tent footprint

    Lot of good ideas on the table already! I pinch any penny I can.... I got on Amazon and shopped around and found a generic/off-brand ultra light footprint that fit the size and shape of my tent almost perfectly. The footprint was $12shipped. Love the logic of trying to save $10 after buying a...
  15. jeremyA1987

    CO draw results

    My pronghorn points zero'ed out; must have got my first choice!
  16. jeremyA1987

    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    My first elk.. scouting and e-scouting paid off, leftover tag and I had the cow down 15minutes after sunrise on opening morning. Couldn't beat the Colorado sunrise on a couple 14ers too.
  17. jeremyA1987

    Colorado Pronghorn OTC

    Little late to the game on this thread, but figured I'd contribute what I know! I grew up in Buena Vista and spend a majority of my summer poking around the Arkansas Valley.. I haven't seen a whole pile of antelope in those units, but they are there. To the north, toward Leadville just north...
  18. jeremyA1987

    Archery CO Units 35, 36, 45, and 361

    I don't have any hunting tips to give (I'm a newb), but that area of Colorado has some AMAZING backcountry hikes. Spent quite a bit of time around Mt. of the Holy Cross and around Red Cliff. Every time we are backpacking in Colorado, away from people and roads, we have seen wildlife. If I had...
  19. jeremyA1987

    Another new guy from Colorado

    Welcome! Being a new hunter, best thing I did was read the big game brochure cover to cover... then go to the local CPW office and ask a hundred questions. Teller county has some good hunting! I'm probably going to get an OTC Elk tag and hunt over by Saguache.
  20. jeremyA1987

    Colorado Draw Results

    Got either sex deer archery for Unit7, cow tag 4th season rifle Unit 56, and will probably get an OTC archery Elk. My first archery, gonna hunt with my brother who got his first ML tag... Should be a great year!