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  1. fishing4sanity

    Landscapes (pics)

    @KipCarson it's a beehive burner, used to burn scrap/waste at logging yards or sawmills.
  2. fishing4sanity

    Bad start, good finish

    First of all, congratulations! Second, happy birthday! Really good looking buck.
  3. fishing4sanity

    Swan Mount back finally

    That is a BIG bird and a great looking mount!
  4. fishing4sanity

    RIP Mr. Money

    My parents golfed with him once, their music type isn't Eddie's, so they had no idea who he was. Dad later was telling me about some guy they golfed with who said he was a singer and on the side of his golf bag it said 'Money.' I asked if it was Eddie Money and dad goes, "yeah, that's what his...
  5. fishing4sanity

    It ain't over till it's over

    Congratulations! You not only notched your tag, you got a beautiful pronghorn to hang it on. I'm guessing you're a pronghorn addict now?
  6. fishing4sanity

    1st drive lesson

    Growing up on a farm in rural Oregon I don't remember what age or specific vehicle it was I first started driving. I do remember getting a ride home from the state patrol when I was 7 for riding my Honda on paved roads. He put my motorcycle in the trunk of his patrol car, I was worried I...
  7. fishing4sanity

    Louisiana Public Lottery Gators

    Congratulations! I love hearing about these types of hunts and the awesome photos were very appreciated.
  8. fishing4sanity

    Bull down in Jarbidge NV

    Congratulations! Great story and loved the photographs, thanks for sharing the hunt with the rest of us.
  9. fishing4sanity

    Daughter first antelope

    Congratulations to the hunter and great job turning it into such a memorable family outing!
  10. fishing4sanity

    Buck of the Year?

    Congratulations to all involved and especially the hunter! Truly a magnificent buck, and I'm sure lifelong memories for everyone.
  11. fishing4sanity

    Start them right

    A love and an understanding of the outdoors makes a more balanced and responsible adult - and a better family along the way!
  12. fishing4sanity

    New Addition to the Home

    Great looking mount! Nothing more iconic of the west than a good buffalo mount.
  13. fishing4sanity

    ND honkers

    Waterfowl already open? It's hotter than blazes still here. Great looking birds, congrats!
  14. fishing4sanity

    My First Elk - NM Bull

    Congratulations, what a great bull! Now what, more western hunts or back to the gators?
  15. fishing4sanity

    Opening Day Bull

    As long as you don't stray too far from the Dr.'s orders, no better place to recover than the mountains. I'm guessing just the excitement of the moment gave you plenty of heart exercise for the day. Congrats!
  16. fishing4sanity

    On Goat Point

    A thread like this one might bust the "like" button due to excessive use. What a great send-off for both father and son. Congrats to all involved!
  17. fishing4sanity

    New member from Oregon

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with a full & speedy recovery! If a positive attitude helps, it sounds like your outcome should be good.
  18. fishing4sanity

    Labor Day Weekend Friday Tunes

    "Classic Rewind" channel on XM radio did a Top 500 countdown for Labor Day Weekend, #1 was Boston - More Than A Feeling I might not of quite had it at #1, but certainly a contender for #1 of the cassette era. Brought back a lot of memories.