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  1. ElkFever2

    Mule Deer - One Trip Pack Out - By the Numbers

    By that estimation, I must be in the bottom 5% of hunters :D
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    Getting started duck hunting

    An easy way to get started is jump shooting puddle ducks. Scout out some public water open to waterfowl hunting such as a marshes or slow-moving creeks during the daytime. Bring some binos and look and listen for ducks. Then come up with a plan to sneak up close to the birds via walking or...
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    Joys of Hunting

    Looks like one happy dog!
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    cleaning your optic lens ?

    Disposable lens cleaner wipes
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    First time Antelope

    Welcome to HT
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    1 down. 2 to go.

    Wow. Nice bull
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    Getting started duck hunting

    Where do you live? This will influence what style of hunting you are interested in based on where you find ducks (drainage ditches, marshes, coast, farm ponds, desert tanks, lakes, fields) and how you take them (pass shooting, call/decoy/blinds, jump shooting)
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    Sights bottomed out, now what?

    IQ 5 has 2 sets of mounting holes, so hopefully moving the entire housing down/away from you does the trick like @NYyotekiller mentioned. Just to verify, you dropped the elevation knob all the way down AND dropped the pins to the bottom of the scope ring? There should be plenty of room for...
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    2019 Adventures

    Fun to hear about the elk encounters. Keep it up!
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    2019 hunt journal, UT, WY, and MT

    Happy hunting!
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    Mule Deer - One Trip Pack Out - By the Numbers

    Congrats on a successful hunt Mr stats!
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    Bad start, good finish

    Sounds like a good time. I've come perilously close to running out of gas in eastern Oregon - won't make that mistake again!
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    Are there not several open hunting seasons in MT right now? Maybe a better use of your time than continuing to post on a forum you say you can't stand.
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    Average Joe's 2019

    Enjoyed the hunt recap. Illustrates the realities of bow hunting with everything needing to work together to make it work and also how there are so many decisions to make that seem like a 50-50 gamble at the time. Good luck on your next hunt.
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    2019 Wyoming adventure

    Enjoy your trip and I look forward to following along
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    There were hundreds before you who paved the way with knowledge, expertise, equipment, and technology making it possible for you, the benefactor of all their hard work, to enjoy recreational hunting. Even if you were born and raised in a cave and taught yourself to hunt with a sharp stick, you...
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    My 2019 Iowa season

    Good luck and have a fun trip!
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    Sandhill Crane

    Welcome to HT
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    Vanish and FireTiger's 2019 Journal

    Hens are good eatin. Had mine last year for Christmas dinner
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    West desert west tag Utah

    Welcome to HT