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  1. shoots-straight

    California Bans Trapping

    I know a bunch that moved here from there that I'd love to send back. They are the extremists that we don't need.
  2. shoots-straight

    Buck of the Year?

    Congrats to you all.
  3. shoots-straight

    September afternoons

    Great job the both of you.
  4. shoots-straight

    Opening Day Bull

    Nice!. As they say, "Better to be lucky than good any day of the week". congrats to the wife.
  5. shoots-straight

    Apple piles in the mountains

    NO, call it in.
  6. shoots-straight

    “That would be the end of our industry”

    They aren't calling for a ban on bear baiting. It's deer baiting they want stopped because of CWD being spread. The loss of our Deer populations would really kill their "Industry".
  7. shoots-straight

    On Goat Point

    Per Rued adventures, very fine animal was taken. Congrats to the young man. Great memories for all.
  8. shoots-straight

    Wolves make people crazy. Fact

    Maybe the "Wolf" isn't the reason they are dumb. Maybe the wolf is the catalyst for them feeling emboldened enough to come out of the dumb drums to be heard. Stupid doesn't just show up on occasion, it's always there.
  9. shoots-straight

    Elk Don’t Like Hikers

    I often wondered if the hikers in the Northwestern part of the Bitterroot range were in some part responsible for the lack of Mountain Goats living there now. Mountain climbing, and general peak bogging is huge the closer one gets to Missoula.
  10. shoots-straight

    Wife's first antelope!

    Very well done. Congrats to your wife.
  11. shoots-straight


    Bern Lea is leaving as President very soon. He's done a bunch of digging around in cellars, and old closets to keep public lands available to us. I grew up with Bern's son, (one of my very best friends). I would classify Bern a very good friend also. He told me that there is new blood working...
  12. shoots-straight


    If the judge was wrong, the representation is immaterial.
  13. shoots-straight


    I laugh a lot watching it. I think it's more of a comedy than that of a drama. Just my .02 cents worth.
  14. shoots-straight

    NV Antelope with Big Fin

    Great buck! Congrats!
  15. shoots-straight

    Hunt with Trump and Teddy!!

    Ok, so after reading all 175 posts on this subject I've decided to make a decision on hunting with Trump Jr. or Ted. Ok, for my time with Trump Jr. you guys will have to sweeten the pot. Throw in one of them new fangled Jeep Gladiators in the Rubicon trim and I'm in. I won't spend a dime of my...
  16. shoots-straight

    Cougar Trapping????

    Probably more prevalent than you think.:sneaky:
  17. shoots-straight

    Wait...That Ain't Right

    So a couple of archery seasons ago, I was hunting in snow. I saw a bunch of ravens flying down the ridge, and heard a coyote or two howling, so I go down there to investigate. As I'm approaching the site where all the commotion is coming from, I see a wolverine turn around, look at me, and bolt...
  18. shoots-straight

    I'm 20 years old. What's your excuse?

    When I was full of piss and vinegar at 20 years old, there was hunting areas left where no man had gone before (much anyway). All of it on a good pair of boots. That was in 1981, and I had yet to harvest a bull with my bow. There was only 5000 archery hunters in the State back then too. Now...