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  1. Scarey

    Looking for new gun

    308 is not a bad round, shoot what you are comfortable with. Bigger is not always better. If you have a rifle you trust to do the job, then that is all you need. I have seen Moose taken with a .270win, a 308 is just as dependable of a round. What matters more is a well placed shot. In my opinion...
  2. Scarey

    1st Solo elk confessions/lessons learned

    First time anything hunting you are going to learn some hard lessons. One of my favorite sayings is. " I don't mind making mistakes as long as there is something to learn from it". Pick yourself up brother, and dust yourself off. Look for the lesson to be learned here and try again. That is what...
  3. Scarey

    Don’t laugh... What is your hunting rig?

    I have been known to use my '09 Honda civic hybrid. Fine for most conditions as long as I don't get too much snow or mud. Then it's on to a 4wd.
  4. Scarey

    Do it all caliber and bullet weight

    What is so wrong with a little plain Vanilla? I own a .280 rem and don't mind that it is not a popular round. What will an 0-6 do that a .280 can't? Not far behind a 7 mag and an ai, the .280 Rem is a good cartridge, just bad marketing and idea to market it in a semi auto.
  5. Scarey

    Do it all caliber and bullet weight

  6. Scarey

    NV Antelope with Big Fin

    Congratulations on the buck, looking forward to seeing the footage of the hunt.
  7. Scarey

    New hunter in Colorado

    Welcome aboard, best of luck to you!
  8. Scarey

    New one from MINNESOTA

    Welcome aboard
  9. Scarey

    First hunting experience (not good)

    There is nothing worse than wounding an animal and watching it suffer. As many have said, it happens to many of us. Your guide probably gave you the advice he felt would be best. The only thing he should have done was identify that you were upset and get your head straight before letting you...
  10. Scarey

    Disabled hunters rules and regs for ID

    What are the rights of a disabled hunter in the state of ID? I currently have a member of my family that qualifies for a disabled hunters permit and wants to know what the states do's and don'ts are? Thanks
  11. Scarey

    Hello from Fort Worth, Texas

    Welcome from the Pacific Northwest
  12. Scarey

    Hello from Southern California

    Welcome from the Pacific NW
  13. Scarey

    Rangefinder ?

    I have had a halo xrt7 for the last 3-4 years, no problems with it yet. The price was right and no problems with it yet.
  14. Scarey

    Hello from NW Oregon

  15. Scarey

    New member from Northwest Kansas

    No where near Kansas but welcome anyway
  16. Scarey

    Hello from MI

  17. Scarey

    Classic Rock/Hair Band Music(for a newbie)

    All this 80's hair glam has mad e me decide to go watch a few reruns of the greatest show in the world Good night all