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    live+work in Cali but own ranch out of state

    if you havent achieved anythig by the time youre seventy neither will you if you live for another seventy,,go for it and dont look back
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    Bull down in Jarbidge NV

    a horse,,a rifle and out hunting what more can a man ask for
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    2018 AK Moose Hunt

    choysa,,id make those shovels into a bed
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    Don’t laugh... What is your hunting rig?

    hahaha love your pillow
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    Gun weight vs accuracy/confidence

    the only wapiti(nz 3x3) ive shot was with a 6.5/204 using a 125 partition,,easiest kill u could imagine,,that said i now hunt with a 300 wsm
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    Botswana Elephant Hunting

    you can hunt africa right up to the day you die,,not so with nz,,im hitting seventy this year and hope to hunt tur within 12 month as its supposed to be one of the toughest,,ill be pleased to be your hunting buddy when you make it down here
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    Botswana Elephant Hunting

    hey fellas theres a place down here called new zealand,,no tags,,no restrictions and tons of public land all for the sake of acquiring a free license for this you can chase red,,chamois,tahr goat,even wapiti but there is a bit of cost there as they are located in a fairly remote region,,also...
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    Best state to take up residency

    if that is so why are the chinese making an offer for one of our dairy companies,,we welcome our american brothers with open arms
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    Mini Kowa Spotter

    ive had one for 18 months and on 20x its comparable to my friends swaro,,at least i didnt see that much difference and the weight is minimal,,i use it a lot on my tahr hunts
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    Best state to take up residency

    south canterbury new zealand,,hunt every day all yr long,,your dollar is about 2x and cheap(by comparison)land/housing
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    Tricks to prevent horn shrinkage

    always wondered why my tahr horns shrunk took a young fella out on his first tahr hunt n he shot a 12 1/2 inch bull,,he buried it in the garden where his dogs found it and had a wee chew,,now that really shrunt them
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    Spring and Summer fun in AK

    (That is a lot of big moose antlers. I am jealous) as am i,,bloody impressive casts
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    Moving to a one gun battery (maybe)

    im a one gun guy,,one for travelling the world and long range on tahr in our mountains and one for wallaby to wapiti,,the first is in 30 cal and the other my baby in 6.5 sitting in a 204 case,,killed wapiti using 125 gr partitions with it
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    New Zealand Hunting experiences

    love the photo DAN
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    First Rut Hunt 2019

    typical haurangi head but then looking at the vegetation nah
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    New Zealand Hunting experiences

    or you could just get fitter
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    Invasive Mtn Goats in GTNP have to go

    dont actualy understand the problem,,goats n sheep dont actually utilize the same height we have the same problem here in nz,,letting novices have charge of our environment issues
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    Sheep pics

    third pic does it for me,,choysa
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    Browning xbolt speed modification

    dont cut,,simple as
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    Late Summer Bull

    nice one,,tons of steaks