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    Contact Lenses

    I had lasik surgery about ten years ago and it worked great for a couple of years for both eyes. I noticed that my right eye vision was starting to get a little blurry. Turns out my right eye vision got a little worse while my left stayed 20/20. Doesn't really matter with my daily activities and...
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    Long Drive with High Mileage Truck

    I have an 03 F250 with only 120k on it but I do all the regular maintenance on it and keep it in the best condition mechanically that I can. I only use it for hunting trips and dump hauls. I have two trips to AZ and one to CO planned for it this fall. I dont worry about driving it on those 2k...
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    80 mm spotter and 10 power bino's

    I have a Leica APO 82 with the 25x-50x eyepiece in the straight version if you are interested in some higher end optics.
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    Sgt Mikes chili recipe

    I made it by following the instructions on the podcast. Its was pretty good for how easy and simple it was to make. Plenty of room to tweak the recipe for your tastes.
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    Priority of out of state hunts

    As a transplant to Texas from Arizona, I hunt there multiple times a year. Usually for deer and javelina but elk if I am lucky. I apply in other states to see which ones will take my money. I have been lucky enough to get several tags in varies western states to fill my fall schedule regularly...
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    Arizona is the best choice to get a javelina or two. New Mexico draw has already happened for this year and they charge like 60 bucks more then AZ for a tag. Texas you pretty much have to hunt on private property but there are some draw permits for public land hunting. Their draw is currently...
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    Plains game--need help choosing one more animal

    I vote for the wildebeest, I didn't plan on harvesting one till I saw them in person. Warthogs are pretty cool looking though, I brought back two. One skull for my son and the other in a should mount. The 7mm-08 will work just fine, I used a 7x57 on all my plains game and they were dispatched...
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    Whats your 2019 plans

    Well some of that came true and other options appeared. Sept heading up to AK for a brown bear hunt with the cheapest guide I know, my mom. Drew a first season elk tag and picked up a bear tag as well for Oct. Luckily got a leftover Coues tag for early Nov in AZ and drew a late elk bull in AZ...
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    Wait...That Ain't Right

    I hit a porcupine heading north on the 349 just outside of Midland. I thought I was seeing things till I pulled over and there was quills in my tire.
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    Colorado bowhunters, please grab a bear tag too

    Picked one up today to go along with my first season elk tag. I will spend more on gas getting there, might as well increase opportunities while I am there.
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    Ranking 10 Common Bolt Action Hunting Rifles Under $750

    I love my 700s and have built several rifles off the actions. I feel its the chevy 350 of rifles. I did pick up a mossberg in 6.5 manbun for 250. Havent been out to the range with it yet but the trigger is nice even if the rifle isnt pleasant to the eyes.
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    Cool yard sale find.

    That is a pretty cool find. I would have also picked it up.
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    Good glass is expensive, and I only take a couple of rifles on any given trip

    I have put several 20 MOA bases on my hunting rifles to use the picatinny base rings for my scopes. I haven't found the need to use that extra 20 moa yet. I was able to dial just 22 moa to shooting steel 1k with a scope with 100 moa adjustment. I feel the talley one piece rings will do just fine...
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    Jan Coues hunt in Arizona

    I agree with high rise, I wouldnt worry about the safety aspect if you are hunting north of I-10. The physical difficulty is all on you. You can hunt the flats which is easy walking or hike into the mountains which can be difficult. Tagging a coues deer with archery tackle is plenty hard...
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    Powder for 7mm mag

    RL 22 with the 168s have worked well with my rifle but every rifle is different
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    Season 7 - now on Amazon Prime

    I know what I am doing tomorrow!
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    AZ leftover tags

    It takes them several days to go through all the applications by hand, by Wednesday you should know if your portal is updated or when they release the updated list and the only thing left is youth javelina tags. The list is slow to update, they updated it twice today but they were still going...
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    .325 WSM for elk

    My model 70 likes the 200 gr partitions but I had to push it hard to get the groups to tighten up. Didnt like the 200 gr TSX though.
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    AZ leftover tags

    My left over tag was posted on my portal around 4pm central time. Wife and I got our first choices, getting less and less every year though.
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    Selfless - A Wild Sheep Conservation Story (full film link now here)

    Great video, I enjoyed how the conservation aspect was portrayed much more then the actual hunt. Good job on the film and explaining the story of sheep conservation. Amazon takes forever to load your episodes and then releases your video before your anticipated release date.