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    Retirement and 401k strategies

    RobG, that's why I noted that it makes more sense if the tax savings allow more savings. Most calculators assume this. If someone will max allowable contributions either way, then it's different math. Good point on marginal tax bracket and varying levels of taxation. The savings upon...
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    Retirement and 401k strategies

    I'm 50/50 on my balances because the ROTH 401k/403b wasn't available for much of the time I was investing but I've also never understood the math used to point folks to tax deferred. The logic of higher tax bracket comparison breaks down because you are paying tax on the investment today with a...
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    Soft Shell Turtle Sauce Piquante

    Perfect color on the gravy and you can never have too much gravy! Sauce piquante is one of my favorite dishes. Never did like turtle. Too gritty but I haven't eaten softshell. Chicken and tasso is my preferred protein for sauce piquante.
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    Planning our first Mule Deer/Couse Deer hunt

    That's a short hunt for archery coues. It will take a couple days to pattern them. Spooky little critters. I was unsuccessful on a rifle hunt last year but I made the mistake of being picky at first. They like rugged terrain. Glass the shade in the middle of the day. Watch hillsides as the...
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    South Slope Uintas

    Learn the thermals on the wind. When the wind switches, you need to be ready to take advantage, not get busted. The wind in the evening when the mountain has warmed up probably won't match the thermals in the morning.
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    LaPierre and NRA in news again

    Just posted on Wall Street Journal. NRA and Ackerman Queen have differing views on the purchase. No matter who did what it doesn't look like it was in best interest of NRA members or the NRA mission. I subscribe to WSJ so this may be a paid article that requires login...
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    Utah elk hunt north and south slope info

    The rifle tags that are limited. Archery OTC is unlimited as I read it. Correct?
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    Moving from KS ---> San Diego, CA

    You won't have trouble finding hunters in the military. It will still be a minority but the Sailors will generally know who hunts and can pass along the info. Now, info is called gouge in the Navy. Start learning the lingo!
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    Can’t Hunt During the Fall Months — What Can I Do?

    Axis deer in TX in summer. You'll have to pay for the hunt and there is an exotic fee from my minimal research but it's an option. Hunt hogs year round in Louisiana. Bet Texas and Arkansas too. Haven't duck hunted in decades but maybe you can find a connection for a blind and dog. That goes...
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    Moving from KS ---> San Diego, CA

    On hunting bases, some draw tags are for Active Duty but other bases simply require you be a valid ID holder with base access. It varies by base and by hunt.
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    Kenetrek boot fit advice.

    Went with 11's in the desert boot. Breaking in now. Haven't had a problem on downhills but only carried 35 lbs so far. I think I'll be good.
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    Career Advice

    Maybe I'm out of touch but I don't think I've ever worked a 40 hour work week. 50 is pretty standard, occasionally 45 and same for 55-60. 50 is quite doable. I've worked sustained 60+ hour weeks and there is a big difference in 50 and 60 hour weeks regarding impact on family life. Commute...
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    Helloooo from Louisiana

    I can contribute on most Louisiana recipes. "LaSportsman" comes from Louisiana Sportsman/Sportsman's Paradise. Gumbo: Gumbo is very regional. I grew up on chicken and sausage gumbo. Seafood gumbo is more coastal. Cajun way is to live off land and whatever is local goes in the pot. Best...
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    Will you take $150 each for the Bowtech Experience and Leupold Binos?

    Will you take $150 each for the Bowtech Experience and Leupold Binos?
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    12V RV Cell Signal Boosters?

    You have to have a signal to boost which it seems you do. I've watched Randy's segment. I'm in the market but haven't pulled the trigger. If the tower is stationary, you can buy one with a stronger boost. Home > RV > vehicle.
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    Hunting Price Estimates

    Had a high school buddy killed by someone shooting through bushes at movement. I know of others. My dad wouldn't let us hunt WMA's for that reason. Now that I bow hunt, I've considered going to back to hunt some of the WMA's in archery only season.
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    Hunting Price Estimates

    Don't disagree with hassle of flying but that is not a two day drive with one driver. 30+ hours plus gas stops. I'm a road warrior and have driven coast to coast four times and many "shorter" long haul trips. You won't be worth shooting and will be tempted to push through when you are sleepy...
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    Vortex viper - what height mounts?

    It depends one the rifle but Vortex does have guidance on what height rings and they are pretty responsive if you post a question, "x scope for y rifle, what rings?"
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    Kenetrek boot fit advice.

    Thanks all - and open to more replies. I've been leaning to the 11's. Socks I used tonight was Darn Tough Merino Wool with a thin liner.
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    Kenetrek boot fit advice.

    I'm fighting the same issue right now replacing military boots but it's between 10.5 wide and 11 since I'm not wearing thick socks. I'm 11.5 on nike running shoes. That's been consistent for years.