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    Canadian Wild Pig Invasion

    When I lived in Upper MI we had a hog farm release a bunch of Russian boars being raised for the high fence business. They never took off and within a few years were gone. Mid MI also had the same sort of releases and they did become established, but the numbers are not huge and are not growing...
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    California Bans Trapping

    It's only scarry as it pertains to this issue when democrats are in control.
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    Fort Belknap Water Settlement Bill of 2019

    If Tester was a republican he would be tarred and feathered by many here, but since hes a democrat giving away public lands he gets a pass.
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    California Bans Trapping

    This is a simple case of democrats doing democrat things.
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    News from back east

    My family's property I grew up hunting in northern lower MI had a gas pipeline running through the. Middle of our 620 acres. Didnt bother us at all. In fact the deer liked to feed on the clover that grew along its path.
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    Secretary of the Interior allows E-bike access on BLM lands

    Honda has been working on electric motocross bikes for some time. I am sure thebother OEM's are as well.
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    Why People do This?

    Given that area It would not supprise me at all.
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    The Blitzkrieg continues

    I hope the project goes through. The Obama administration was wrong to hault the project without any sort of environmental review. FWIW ai believe the state of Alaska still has the right to veto the project even if the EPA and Corps signs off on it.
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    Crow treaty rights, thoughts?

    What's that have to do with the Crows?
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    Crow treaty rights, thoughts?

    Everyone and their brother has horses on the rez.
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    Crow treaty rights, thoughts?

    In your neck of the woods the tribes have decimated the walleye fishery on Bay De Noc via illegal netting.
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    Crow treaty rights, thoughts?

    The reservations in the west are significantly different than those in Wisconsin or Upper MI. I know this because that's where I am from. For starters natives in Upper MI actually have seasons and bag limits. The Crow has neither.
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    Crow treaty rights, thoughts?

    First off there were multiple people in Herrara's party that poached elk and didnt utilize all the meat. Then there is the fact that I worked on the Crow Reservation for some time and heard the stories and seen with my own eyes the waste of game. It's not just one guy and not by a long shot...
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    My Two-year HOWA Experiment

    The original Howa Alpine with a bit longer barrel would be the perfect rifle. Cant like the H&S stocks at all.
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    MT residents thoughts on Steve Bullock

    I stopped reading the link when it said coal and nuclear plants are difficult to ramp up and down. This is non sense. Coal plants ramp up and down daily and it doesnt take very long. 1mw a minute for an older plant. Newer plants are even faster.
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    MT residents thoughts on Steve Bullock

    Ben, two years ago I worked as a power gen supervisor for a Wisconsin based company. As such I had access to the pricing the power traders where actually buying and selling at. I never seen wind as cheap as coal. Natural gas was frequently cheaper than coal, but not consistently so.
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    Who owns the West?

    I bet the hunting in that area would be phenomenal. But, isnt it on the rez?
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    Crow treaty rights, thoughts?

    The last paragraph is nothing but fantasy. Herrera left a significant portion of the elk he shot to rot.
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    Sling Keeperer - love the idea but skeptical...

    Works very well.
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    Behind the decision to allow chain saws in Southwest Colorado wilderness areas

    Boy, am I relieved they got that one figured out!