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  1. grizzly_

    Are you really hiking with 15x56? Can they take the place of a spotting scope?

    I may have an optics problem, which is a bad addiction to have. I currently have four pairs of Swaro's in the safe; 8x30, 10x50, 10x50, 15x56. I often carry the 15s on my chest and a spotter in the pack. If I was gonna take a smaller pair to hand-hold, I'd take the 8s as well. I don't think I'd...
  2. grizzly_

    Torn CCL?

    Congrats on the successful surgery! My lab had TPLO a year ago and she's almost 12 1/2 now and still doing great 🤞. She's hard-headed though and literally walked out of the vet an hour after her surgery. The doc said he'd never seen anything like it 😃
  3. grizzly_

    Desert Bighorn - Pic Heavy

    Rifle is a Cooper M92 in .300 WM that I bought on HT Classifieds. Water is a whole other story. We take what we can carry and tank up whenever we find a water pot somewhere. The water is horrible, but it's better than thirst... barely.
  4. grizzly_

    Latest Gun Related Changes at Walmart

    At least Beto is offering to buy guns back; when Trump used Executive Action to ban bump stocks (think Obama's "phone & pen" comment), there was no compensation given... they were just illegalized. I don't ever remember buying ammo from Walmart so it won't affect me at all. I use a local...
  5. grizzly_

    Desert Bighorn - Pic Heavy

    Here's another one for you... that little truck is an absolute beast in the mountains. The Trail Control is unreal! The first ram in post #29 is a potential shooter if we can find him again. We initially found him bedded in the shade with his ewes a long way away. You can see the curl of his...
  6. grizzly_

    Secretary of the Interior allows E-bike access on BLM lands

    One positive note is that the order stipulates that e-bikes are still not allowed where other bicycles are not allowed. They didn't open more trails, just included e-bikes under the definition of bicycle. If the concern is from a hunting standpoint, the states can still limit them while in the...
  7. grizzly_

    Desert Bighorn - Pic Heavy

    You're correct. In Utah there are two main rut periods depending on whether they're the Utah strain or Nevada strain sheep. My unit has sheep rutting right now, my wife's unit didn't rut until late October.
  8. grizzly_

    cleaning your optic lens ?

    60g sandpaper and lemon juice
  9. grizzly_

    Desert Bighorn - Pic Heavy

    A few more from today. We'll be back a few days before the season for some more scouting. It's been a great time so far!
  10. grizzly_

    Desert Bighorn - Pic Heavy

    They're rutting already. We watched a ram commit a #ewetoo three times yesterday
  11. grizzly_

    Desert Bighorn - Pic Heavy

    The rams are starting to show up with the ewes. Two weeks from tomorrow I'll have a gun in my hand!
  12. grizzly_

    Cooper/Swaro/Talley - Aargh!

    Got the bid back from Swaro...$275 for a new tube. I'm guessing Talley won't be sending me a check?
  13. grizzly_

    Desert Bighorn - Pic Heavy

    That's it. Most people can't walk to the car with a broken ankle and she just bought a roll of KT Tape and tightened up her boots to go hunting. Had surgery when we got back. Tough girl!
  14. grizzly_

    Desert Bighorn - Pic Heavy

    (forgive some duplication from a thread on my once-malfunctioning gun but I wanted to post these pics for those not looking at the firearm posts who dream of hunting desert sheep)... Two years ago my wife drew a Desert Bighorn tag in Utah and got a great ram on a backpack hunt Somehow...
  15. grizzly_

    Poll: Would you shoot a doe with a fawn?

    I wouldn't. Because deer herds are struggling here, I choose not to shoot does for the same reason I don't shoot hen ducks and sage grouse. Even if it's legal, I choose not to do it. My desire to have breeding does is greater than my desire to have the doe. Maybe the fawn would make it, but...
  16. grizzly_

    City Bucks (pics)

    It's kind of hard to tell, but the big buck has double split brow tines and an inline kicker off his left G-2. He's a stud!
  17. grizzly_

    City Bucks (pics)

    Everybody likes to see big bucks. Here are some running down the street in front of my truck last week
  18. grizzly_

    Interesting twist for the "Public Hands" of Public Lands.

    This is exactly what happened to my wife while training for backpack desert sheep tag two years ago. Those bike ruts are definitely dangerous.
  19. grizzly_

    Is Ken Ivory the next opponent to take a job with the BLM?

    As a Rep, he helped get a contract for a company to appraise the public lands of Utah (Yes, that's real). He's now working for that company.
  20. grizzly_

    Idaho Elk Tags SOLD OUT

    Can't people buy more than one tag?