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  1. rtraverdavis

    Bad start, good finish

    I’m glad you worked through the Charlie Foxtrot aspects of the trip, and hope everything is okay with your family. Congratulations on a nice buck. I’ll draw an antelope tag here in Oregon one of these decades.
  2. rtraverdavis

    Mule Deer - One Trip Pack Out - By the Numbers

    This place is so interesting. So many different personalities. Never would I think to record and share data like that from a hunt. Cool and very useful post—thanks for sharing wllm. Congratulations on your buck.
  3. rtraverdavis

    KHunter AZ archery Elk 2019

    Pretty exciting stuff. Good luck!
  4. rtraverdavis

    Bundy’s and Ravalli County

    I thought “not too bright” is what these guys trafficked in.
  5. rtraverdavis

    North Dakota Bull Elk Hunt

    What a bull. Congratulations! Good luck in Montana this week!
  6. rtraverdavis

    Wyoming hunter

    Very cool. Welcome to Hunt Talk. What led you into hunting with handguns?
  7. rtraverdavis

    Mule Deer Scoring/Pictures

    Good grief I like that buck a lot. What a fatty.
  8. rtraverdavis

    Collared cow, NV

    Great write up, great pictures, great hunt. Very cool of you to help that other hunter get his bull out.
  9. rtraverdavis

    Bull down in Jarbidge NV

    Sounds like it was a heck of an adventure. I sure would like to explore that country someday. Congratulations!
  10. rtraverdavis

    Buck of the Year?

    That is frickin awesome.
  11. rtraverdavis

    Oregon non-resident difficulties.?

    I don’t really know anything about outfitter tags. But the point is, there are so many archery deer opportunities that I see no real reason to have to go that route. There are only a few archery hunts in a few select units that even require points, and for those, the price of outfitter or...
  12. rtraverdavis

    Alaska trip with the kids (pic heavy)

    What an awesome trip. I plan on doing something similar in a few years when the kids are a bit older. Thanks for sharing!
  13. rtraverdavis

    Oregon non-resident difficulties.?

    Based on the forum you’re posting in, I assume you mean for deer. Completely depends on where you want to hunt. Lots of archery seasons are OTC, even for some pretty decent units. As far as drawing a hunt that takes points, the only way you’re going to bypass that is by securing a landowner...
  14. rtraverdavis

    Hi sign???

    How easily we are manipulated...
  15. rtraverdavis

    My First Elk - NM Bull

    Hell of a bull and an awesome write up. Sounds like you found a good spot to keep close to your chest. Congratulations!
  16. rtraverdavis

    Rebarreled 7 RUM to an adult cartridge

    You own some nice rifles Ken. Looking forward to seeing how the rebarrel shoots.
  17. rtraverdavis

    Made me think of TopGun 30-06 RIP

    I was thinking the same thing when I listened! You beat me to the post!
  18. rtraverdavis

    First sheep hunt

    Great hunt recap! Just spending time in that country would be amazing. I hope you’re back at it next year.
  19. rtraverdavis

    Opening Day Bull

    What a story! Freakin awesome!