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  1. dirtclod Az.

    SFC is putting forth some effort this year......

    Sounds like fun...Hurts like hell! Good Luck SFC B 🔥
  2. dirtclod Az.

    I'm 20 years old. What's your excuse?

    Wait,are you saying that I'm ancient?Cause if you are... I resemble that remark. 🔥
  3. dirtclod Az.

    I'm 20 years old. What's your excuse?

    I'm First Generation! And proud of it... My Daddy jacked off on a rock and the sun hatched me!Ha!,Ha! 🔥
  4. dirtclod Az.

    A Texan's first western hunt and lessons learned

    At least your both alive and well.Lesson learned.I had similar expeirence,Shot an elk in the afternoon with mild weather,strung her up in a tree...already skinned. Woke up the next morning to 2ft. of snow and my Elk frozen solid to the tree! In Az.Yep it happens to Texans and Arizonan's too...
  5. dirtclod Az.

    KHunter AZ archery Elk 2019

    Keep at it guys,sounds like a good area. 🔥
  6. dirtclod Az.

    2019 Wyoming adventure

    Give Em' Hell!! Good luck Guys. 🔥
  7. dirtclod Az.

    An embarrassing question about bore cleaning...

    Thats why scissors were invented. 🔥
  8. dirtclod Az.

    What am i forgetting?

    Undergarments.A week without is no fun.Yes me! Also the Beer. 🔥
  9. dirtclod Az.

    Average Joe's 2019

    Great writeup and beautiful pictures.Now that you are in horrible N.M. maybe things will all fall in place.Go get em' it's yours for the taking.Give Them Hell! 🔥
  10. dirtclod Az.

    trojan horse

    Well sweetie you've done it again...Poked a grumpy Bear with a stick.Ha!,Ha! I respectfully bow out. 💘 dirtclod Az. 🔥
  11. dirtclod Az.

    Rabbit with a tick?

    newtoid you are correct,I couldn't recall the term..."Larva"but they are harmless to humans. Unless you eat a whole handfull on a dare...then all bets are off.Ha!,Ha! 🔥
  12. dirtclod Az.

    Rabbit with a tick?

    Rabbit is fine,I have found many Rabbits to have worms.Mostly Jack Rabbits. They come right off during skinning.Good on you for checking the liver.Here in Az. we find a few with Liver spots.Just toss Rabbit and wash thoroughly. 🔥
  13. dirtclod Az.

    Vanish and FireTiger's 2019 Journal

    Congratulations FireTiger!Way to get it done,Beautiful area. 🔥
  14. dirtclod Az.

    Minnesota 2019 Season

    Go get em'! Best of luck tomorrow.Give Them Hell!!! 🔥
  15. dirtclod Az.

    Patriot meme.

    He sure looks guilty. Is that really Big Horn?Looks like game tickets under his paw!! 🔥
  16. dirtclod Az.

    14' Gator Caught in Georgia

    Let's EAT!! 🔥
  17. dirtclod Az.

    Just 20 Plan Changes Left

    Went to my honey hole and it is now a tourist trap for out of towners wanting an ATV outing or all day Jeep excursion. Old ladies riding in the backs of Jeeps with thier poodles and cocktails. I know who I'd like to hunt!!...How do Poodles taste?? 🔥
  18. dirtclod Az.

    Emergency Tire Chains

    I saw a guy do that with 2x4's one time on a You Tube video. They kept falling off but he was persistent and got out. He was covered in mud from head to toe.Ha!,Ha! 🔥
  19. dirtclod Az.

    Emergency Tire Chains

    Looks like they may tear off and cause damage.But then so can "Real" chains. We bought the "Real "chains years ago,have only used them once. 🔥
  20. dirtclod Az.

    Escape and Evasion

    I choose to refrain from sharing Information. :cool: