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  1. Southwind

    FS Howa Alpine Mountain Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor

    I bought this rifle and ran one box of factory ammo through it following break in procedures and other than that it is in "Like new" condition. It come with both the standard bottom metal and detachable magazine and is chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Bi-pod NOT included I hunted Africa back in the...
  2. Southwind

    my 2016 Kansas Muley came home

    I took this guy on WIHA (walk in public hunting) last year and I am very happy to have him home.
  3. Southwind

    Busy spring hunting, Namibia, Kansas pic heavy

    I was fortunate to be able to go on an off season hunt in Namibia mid March. Africa is something you should consider and Namibia was wild and challenging hunt. It was an honor to hunt with my PH and some incredible trackers, watching these guys work was in itself enough for me. We did find some...
  4. Southwind

    Tagged out plus

    I finished my deer season with a nice doe for my sisters freezer and a bonus of a coyote I found feasting on a deer carcass walking out to my spot. As long as I am posting pics I also took this male booby with my father in laws Remington #4 in 22 short last week that had been hanging out a...
  5. Southwind

    Wyoming legislature let them know poll Show them what you think about a Constitutional Amendment to transfer Federal land to the state poll.
  6. Southwind

    It's beginning to look a lot like a Howa Christmas!

    Well, what can I say Big Fins influence made me do it. I don't often do this but a little present to myself in the form of a Howa Alpine 6.5 Creedmoor for being such a good boy this year.
  7. Southwind

    Kansas on my own public land Mule deer

    As a Ks resident I am able to get an either species tag about every other year so I will hunt Whitetail in SE Kansas one year and then Mule deer in NW Kansas the next. I have a small amount of private land to hunt but like to explore the WIHA (walk in hunt areas). I had started scouting that...
  8. Southwind

    How do they know?

    I have been jonesing to get out in the stand, I have a either species (mule deer) rifle permit and the season doesn't start until the 30th. So I take my doe permit and my fall turkey permit and hit he woods and wouldn't you know this guy shows up and eats acorns under me at 5 yards and hangs...
  9. Southwind

    Kings Desert Shadow set

    I have several pieces of Kings Desert Shadow clothing I am putting up. I really want it to go as one group and not split up. All are as new no tags, These were given to me and I am cleaning out my hunt room. Fleece vest XL Pullover LS shirt with pocket XL Button up shirt 2XL Convertible pants...
  10. Southwind

    Disappointed and Mad!!!

    The Kansas Department of Wildlife started a Doves Field program on some Wildlife Management Areas within the last few years. Essentially planting some wma fields with sunflowers. From what I had read they had some pretty good success with one area producing over 1600 birds for 200 some odd...
  11. Southwind

    Always a happy day

    My Kansas either species tag arrived which means Mule deer for me. The excitement and anticipation never grows old.
  12. Southwind

    Berry hunting is here!

    5 gallons plus of sand plums last weekend and 2 plus gallons of black berries this weekend. jelly and cobbler is right around the corner. If we can get the humidity down it will be jelly on.
  13. Southwind

    A great weekend read Reflect, reacquaint, reemerge
  14. Southwind

    KDWPT to ban guiding on dept managed lands including WIHA I really like this, I have had a run-in or two with guides particularly on our Walk in Hunting areas.
  15. Southwind

    Off Tomorrow for Romania for Roe Deer.

    Hope to post photos as we go but we will see. New places, new faces, and new game to chase....I'm giddy!
  16. Southwind

    Kansas so far

    I was a volunteer guide for the 30th annual Kansas Governors One Shot Turkey Hunt. I was able to work my hunter to his first and 2nd ever birds with the 2nd gaining him a Kansas Trophy Turkey Award. Rio/Eastern Hybrids 1st bird 9 1/2" beard, 1" spurs, 22 lbs 2nd bird, double beard 1st beard...
  17. Southwind

    NRA response to me on transfer and sale issue

    Thank you for contacting the NRA-ILA. We appreciate you reaching out to our organization about this issue. I am posting a link that will help to clarify what the NRA is doing to protect Public Lands for Private citizens use. I hope you find this information helpful. Thank you...
  18. Southwind

    Hammonds, Clintons and uranium

    For your amusement
  19. Southwind

    The Hunt act For your enjoyment
  20. Southwind

    Ballistics app for iphones

    O.k., I'm real old school but finally got a smart phone and it's not even the latest but is an iPhone 6 so I am looking for apps to help my hunting and shooting. Any good free apps out there I should have? or any apps period?