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    Cabelas Code?

    anyone got a Cabelas discount code to spare ? Please pm
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    need car rental discount code

    need to rent a suv/pickup next month out of El Paso, anyone have a discount code you can share?
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    Kuiu discount code

    looking for a Kuiu discount coupon code or free shipping code if anyone has an extra. thanks
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    WTB I phone

    looking for a Iphone 5 or 6 unlocked, in good shape with Verizon service. please send me a pm
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    WTB 243 wssm brass

    looking for some 243 wssm brass for reloading. have checked all the usual suppliers I know. anyone have some you can spare?
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    Glacier Nat. park advice

    Taking wife on early Aug. trip to Missoula, Kalispell, up Going to the Sun Rd. Staying on E. side of Glacier 3 1/2 days. Plan on going to Waterton one day. Looking for advice for: day hikes to waterfalls, glacier lakes, boat rental or tours, horseback ride, trout fishing, good places to eat, etc.
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    need a cam for mathews bow

    looking for a 28-28 1/2" right hand cam for a Mathews Switchback xt bow. anyone have one laying around? 256-447-6756 Gerald. thanks
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    pack for caribou hunt

    needing a external frame pack for AK caribou hunt but can't spend $$$ for top of line pack for maybe one-time deal. A friend recommended an Army ALICE pack. wondering if anyone here has used one or could give a novice some backpack advice for unguided drop camp, main use would be packing out...
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    anyone hunted w/ Ram Aviation ?

    looking for some advice about booking a drop caribou hunt with Ram Aviation out of Kotzebue , AK