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    First inertia shotguns…

    You will love your inertia gun! I’m an inertia guy. I worked as a gunsmith for several years and the repair work we did on gas guns was probably 50:1 to inertia guns. And the inertia guns usually weren’t “broke” they were just unbelievably dirty. Not to say I didn’t LOVE gas guns…they...
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    Has Cabelas gone down hill?

    Way way way downhill. No more bargain cave. No deals. No competitive pricing. Nothing in stock ever unless you want to order it for more than Amazon, pay shipping, and wait awhile for it. Went a month before turkey season. They had one box of 20 gauge TSS in stock. That’s it for the entire...
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    Window cleaner for gun cleaner?!

    I used to use Windex on my muzzleloader back in high school. Then hit it with a really light layer of rim oil. Not sure why. But I guess it worked!
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    Ditching the Dip

    I never cared much for dips, but liked the occasional Levi Garrett or jaw chew. Would do it while waterfowl hunting or camping. Smoked cigarettes in high school and had my last one when I was 19. I am still amazed that occasionally I’ll want one and it’s been over 20 years. Had a contractor...
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    New setup

    This is amazing advice. I went through a bought of target panic and I developed a 6 step shot routine that I repeated verbally (under my breath) through ever shot sequence. It really took my shooting to the next level.
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    Broadhead Selection

    I have hunted some urban zones where 5 acres is a huge property. Most in that 1-3 range. Quick bow kills and short trails were essential. I always had the most luck with the slap type mechanicals on deer. The big entrance and exit wound are essential. Wait for a perfect broadside shot under 30...
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    New setup

    Good call getting the setup package. It will save you time chasing around issues. If you didn’t already, make sure you get 12 matched arrows. You will break/damage/lose a few in the next few weeks and don’t want to be that guy trying to get arrows built two days before you leave. I wouldn’t...
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    Small/mid-size trucks, best all around

    I guess so, but not sure why that matters. My full size Trail Boss gets the same MPG that a Tacoma gets. Fits 5 adults easily (4 extremely comfortably), hauled 4 adults and a truckbed of luggage on a 1600 mile trip and averaged 19mpg doing, and even towed a 5000lb trailer 800 miles and for 14mpg...
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    Small/mid-size trucks, best all around

    So related to this thread, but maybe belongs somewhere else - I’ve always been curious what the draw is to the compact trucks? I’ve owned two rangers, an explorer, and a blazer. I always found them smallish for my needs in terms of storage, towing capacity, and roominess. None of them seemed to...
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    Are more people hunting with the rise in food costs?

    This is a good post and captures why most of us do it. The food is nice. The time outdoors is what drives us. Stuff you kill, process, and cook just tastes better. Aside, some fishing really starts to make sense financially. I’ve caught about 150lb of catfish this year off of a $17 license...
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    How I would give 1st aid to myself. If I had an open chest wound in the field.

    I love this. We already live in the margins as hunters and do hundreds of things to slightly shift the odds in our favor. Might as well do this. Even if it only buys me an hour I could send a lot of love to my family and prayers to heaven. I also agree with what many have said that everyone is...
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    Are more people hunting with the rise in food costs?

    I once did the math and I could take all the money I spend each year on deer hunting and hunting related activities spend it on lobster, replace my deer meat meals and still have some running around money.
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    First truck and current truck.

    First truck, 1985 Dodge Ram D150 Prospector. It was a 2 wheel drive with an open differential, anemic 318 (something like 120hp), 3sp auto, an exhaust gasket tick-tick-tick leak that despite replacing the gaskets twice wouldn’t go away, bench seat, manual everything, AM/FM radio with one speaker...
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    Flashlight? Do yall carry one or just your headlamp?

    Two headlamps that take two AAA batteries. Then I always have two AAAs wrapped up with Leuko tape in my emergency kit. Not sure I’ve ever been in a scenario where I preferred one hand to two.
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    Best Sandwich Ever

    This thread inspired me. Had a cast iron griddled meatloaf slice topped with hatch chiles and onions seared in the same pan. Topped with Irish cheddar cheese. On a good bread with mayo.
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    Nikon Prostaff on a 300 win mag question

    Is your buddy fairly familiar and comfortable with rifles and sighting them in? I used to work at range and I was always amazed at how many frustrated guys there where sighting in their guns. Convinced they had bad guns, or scopes, or ammo. After observing a few, I couldn’t believe how quickly...
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    Pooping in the Woods - A question of thresholds

    Let me get this straight - over 41% of you PREFER pooping in the woods?!?!? I call BS….
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    Backpack weight??

    So another good reason to avoid getting “mountain tough?” Heavy me gets to carry in more gear than trim me.
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    Best Sandwich Ever

    I appreciate that the Rueben is getting the spot it deserves. Saddened that the Cuban is lagging though. Seriously!?!? It’s a grilled cheese, pulled pork, and hot ham sandwich on one. Back to Ruebens, anyone ever in Indianapolis owes it to themselves to get one at Shapiro’s deli. It’s an...

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