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    Nevada Draw Results 2022

    Nothing for me. Not unexpected since I have few or no points in anything I could reasonable be expected to draw. Now the long wait until FCFS starts. Hopefully I can snag a deer tag like last year.
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    Nevada Draw Results 2022

    It totally depends on the weather. If we get an early winter with good snow up high they’ll be down into their winter range between Carson and the Reno area. If we get a late winter with not much snow yet they’ll still be in California.
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    ‘22 gardening

    Green Zebras are great, you’ll love them. I’m planting next weekend. We never plant before Memorial Day and even then we’ve been snowed on after that.
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    2022 shed thread

    Find the shed. Lol. I took this from the road walking back from Saturday‘s hike. About 10,000 side by sides have passed by here and at least half that many 4X4s since it was shed. I walked by about 20 yards on the other side a couple weeks ago. In my defense I was coming back after hiking all...
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    Fossil ID?

    That is VERY cool!
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    2022 shed thread

    I have never heard of that. Thanks!
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    2022 shed thread

    Not a shed, this one broke off. I found a mostly complete broken one last year too. This one had some velvet left on when it broke. You can still see remains of the skin on one tine.
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    Mountain Lions!

    My Sister and BIL were hiking along the top of Copper Mtn in the Jarbidge area when my dog slid about 100 yards down the hill on a snow bank (on purpose. He loved to snow slide) and scared up this one. The last one I saw was this last December. I walked around a point and on the next point...
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    Easier to find their sheds or kill them

    That’s amazing!
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    Unique California Blacktail and Thoughts

    Very cool buck!
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    Tire chain storage?

    How long is the pipe?
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    How to Poop In The Woods

    Oh my….you can tell “it’s not hunting season” has really set in…
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    Old Log Cabins & Pioneer Barns - Pictures.

    This must have been quite the place in its day. East side of the Monitors in Antelope Valley
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    Old Log Cabins & Pioneer Barns - Pictures.

    An old Basque sheepherders cabin in the Monitors.
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    NV FCFS totals 2021

    I had fun with the FCFS site. I even snagged one. My luck we had record snow fall and I couldn’t get to where the deer winter on the mountain above my house. I’m not sure they were even there this year with the snow. I went east and discovered some new areas which was fun. I didn’t get a deer...
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    2022 shed thread

    Too much snow still where I usually hike so I went east to check out a new place. I found the 1st 5 within about 40 yards of each other. 6 about 50 yards beyond and 7-8 about another 50 yards farther. The back half of the knoll is still in snow so hopefully more there. I hadn’t taken my pack so...
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    Tips into shed hunting for toddlers

    Lots of snacks, short hikes and planting a few keeps things going. But any bones are good, mine never really cared if it was a rib or an antler. A dog is good to have too. If no bones are showing up you can always entertain them by throwing sticks for the dog.
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    Wall tent stove

    I’m interested to see your experience with this stove. I bought an almost new one 5 years ago. The seal started coming unattached a couple years ago and I keep forgetting to replace it so I just keep tucking it in. The stove is really well built and will run you out of the tent with not much...

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