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  1. bpeay4

    Panhandle vs Palouse

    Debating on whether to pick up an A tag for the Panhandle or Palouse Elk zones. Have done some scouting in both areas but with tags going on sale shortly I am not yet certain which would provide the better experience. The Panhandle units I would likely hunt would be 4, 5, 6 and seem to offer a...
  2. bpeay4

    North Idaho Whitetail Rut

    good to know, thats my birthday lol
  3. bpeay4

    North Idaho Whitetail Rut

    Thanks! I was not aware that hunters were allowed to hunt the university land. That's great information I will look into it.
  4. bpeay4

    North Idaho Whitetail Rut

    Just moved to Moscow for college and have some family with 8A whitetail tags for this year and we are starting to plan the hunt. I have been scouting the area and there seems to be plenty of deer and lots of rubs from previous years. My question is when does the peak of the rut usually happen in...
  5. bpeay4

    2022 spring turkey

    I killed my first turkey today and am curious about how mature it is. It has about a 9 inch beard and 1 1/4'' spurs; is that a good bird or pretty average?
  6. bpeay4

    Turkey Opener

    I have the same issue. It's frustrating watching them a few hundred yards on the private and almost impossible to call them over lol.
  7. bpeay4

    A Way to Repair Broken Points Systems?

    I'm with you, having random odds back in states like nevada and utah and those top tier tags in most states would be a dream. maybe one day...
  8. bpeay4

    A Way to Repair Broken Points Systems?

    I feel like eventually the number of people with max points would be be very high and the draw for most tags would basically be random. Not necessarily a bad thing but you would being paying the point fee just to participate in a random draw. It's one way to level the playing field though. At...
  9. bpeay4

    And i thought that I was a fat bastard

    ...and yet the special interests group in California want to outlaw bear hunting because of "suffering populations" gotta love my home state:rolleyes:
  10. bpeay4

    Do what you will with this

    I wouldn't be opposed to a lead ban if copper or steel etc. ammunition was more readily available and affordable but in today's market it is tough to find ammunition at all. I have also read that birds intake more lead from old paint than from bullets but not sure if that is true
  11. bpeay4

    1986 Chevy Silverado C10

    I bought a '77 shortbed a few years ago as my first PU but had to sell it when I moved for college. Already regretting that LOL.
  12. bpeay4

    Colorado vs Wyoming

    A Wyoming Elk point is so cheap at $50, even if you end up mainly hunting Colorado, it won't hurt to have options in Wyoming for future. I've never met someone who regrets getting in the points game early.
  13. bpeay4

    Attack on AZ Lion hunting - again

    Being from California where Lion hunting is prohibited, I can confirm that minimizing lion hunting is not a good idea. The Deer herds in California suffer from the amount of lions and lion sightings and disturbances in Urban areas are becoming more and more frequent. A few years ago there was a...
  14. bpeay4

    Do you Hunt from a ground blind?

    Personally I have not, I don't know if I would have the patience. Considering using one for archery antelope and setting up near water.
  15. bpeay4

    goHUNT EXPLORER Map Membership offer to Hunt Talkers

    3D maps does work on the mobile platform but I have not found a way to use 3D maps when I go "offline" (I have even downloaded maps thinking that I could then use 3D offline in the downloaded area but it does not seem to work) To me not being able to use 3D maps while offline kinda defeats the...
  16. bpeay4

    goHUNT EXPLORER Map Membership offer to Hunt Talkers

    Is 3D mapping available on the GOHUNT mobile app or only on desktop? As far as I'm aware OnX does not offer 3D mapping on mobile and I would be compelled to switch to to GOHUNT if they did.
  17. bpeay4

    Montana vs Arizona??

    I am just out of highschool and have begun building points out west. I'm on a budget so I can't do all of them but currently have points in Wyoming and Colorado. I am looking to add at least 1 maybe 2 more states this year but not sure what my best option is. I have pretty much ruled out Nevada...
  18. bpeay4

    ID 2022 Tag Sale

    no not a point system draw. A random draw for nonresident general tags. Idaho needs to stay away from a point system as long as possible
  19. bpeay4

    ID 2022 Tag Sale

    i agree. Make a nonresident general tag drawing. but do not require them to buy the nonrefundable license and only pay an application fee.

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