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    mexican Wolf

    Saw on the news about the first litter of pups born to newly released pair. Didn't catch where this was at. Any info on this?
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    community organizer turned commander-in-chief

    Did the man over step his authority? Be very careful, he has a pen and damn well knows how to use it. Thank God for term limits!!!!
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    Bo Bergdahl

    What's you guy's take on this abortion? Is he a traitor? Are his parents old hippies or taliban? What a tangled web we weave...
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    State specific info

    How do you get a state listed in this area?
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    chat room

    Is there such a thing with this forum? You know, to speak with whomever is available whenever you get on line.
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    Michigan Antler Point Restrictions

    Once again, a select group want the rest of the world to follow their ideas. Antler point restrictions should be a voluntary deal, not mandatory. Even our representative for this district is in favor of APR along with our DNR. (opinion) There are select areas in the state that have mandatory...

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