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    North Idaho whitetail new hunter

    Thanks! I had a great trip. Didn't kill a deer but did kill ny first here in Washington later in November. Saw a big beautiful buck in Idaho....but I just didn't feel comfortable with the terrain and my shot. He was on the other side 0f a straight up and down canyon 350yds away in the snow...
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    North Idaho whitetail new hunter

    Thanks yeah that's alright. I will be walking regardless.. I hunt some state land near my house where ATV's are "prohibited" but no one does anything to stop em
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    North Idaho whitetail new hunter

    Thank you! I will definitely bring those.
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    North Idaho whitetail new hunter

    Hi all - new member here and a relatively new hunter as well. I've been hunting western Washington blacktail for 3 years now. I've killed a turkey and a bunch of grouse but I have yet to harvest a deer. I have had a lot of really great experiences though. I decided to head over to the...
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    New Oregon hunter

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    Best Trail Cam Pictures

    Great pics in here. Ill have to dig through my ow but right off the top of my head...My buddy sent me this pic he got this year in western Washington.
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    Another moving to a new State question

    If you are able to rent for a few months in an area you think you might like, you sure will learn a lot. It's getting easier to get intel online these days, but nothing beats boots on the ground as they say.
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    Kaedyn is a deer hunter!

    Fantastic memories. Great reading about it thank you for sharing the story.
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    What are you guys paying for gas?

    4.30 today in western Washington
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    Elk success, Thank you

    Great story and a big congratulations on a beautiful elk.
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    Anyone’s Best WT shed (changed)

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    Lost my lifemate.

    So so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and I will say a prayer for your wife.
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    Do overs 2021 while hunting..

    Took a 45 yard archery shot at a doe and missed by about 2 feet. Wind was ripping and rain was coming down hard. So glad it was a clean miss but I shouldn't have taken the shot.
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    What Brings A Smile About Your State?

    A light Rain, some fog and a cool fall evening makes me feel right at home. Wa state.
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    First Buck

    Awesome!! Congrats

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