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  1. Godsstepbrother


    People are uploading pics of the food🤣🤣
  2. Godsstepbrother


    If any of you haven't seen the video here is a link....
  3. Godsstepbrother

    Private land question New Mexico

    awesome thank you!
  4. Godsstepbrother

    Private land question New Mexico

    This is what I am referring to.
  5. Godsstepbrother

    Private land question New Mexico

    Hey guys I got a friend who has a ranch in new Mexico. He has given me permission to hunt pronghorn there. I called new Mexico game and fish and they said we just need written authorization and buy the tag. Though the more I read, I am realizing there are only certain ranches that are...
  6. Godsstepbrother

    NM archery antelope Unit 13

    Good luck sir, we just got permission to hunt unit 25 in nm. So curious to taste antelope, hope we get one!
  7. Godsstepbrother

    CWD Positive

    it takes a lot of exposure for it to jump to humans. Still sucks, but i wouldn't fret, we are nowhere near yet.
  8. Godsstepbrother

    Northeast Texas Whitetail buck

    Thats a beauty, congrats sir. Keep your friend happy, invite him over for some deer dinner :)
  9. Godsstepbrother

    Hard-Earned Public Land Buck

    Awesome story. Nice of you to let him get one last orgasm in :)
  10. Godsstepbrother

    Deer - lets see em

    New Mexico last week.
  11. Godsstepbrother

    NC Public Land Buck

    Great stuff!
  12. Godsstepbrother

    She whacks em...she packs em!

    Man that is a nice buck, I have a 1 year old daughter hope she digs hunting. So far she loves the meat, your a great dad sir.
  13. Godsstepbrother

    Successful Quality Father/Daughter Time

    Beast!!! Great story, that takes some serious dedication.
  14. Godsstepbrother

    A beautiful NM BUCK and a scary hunting story.

    Thanks for all the pointers, I will definitely look at shelf packs. I think we have one just didn't take it, also I do need more thermal cloths.
  15. Godsstepbrother


    Best of luck! Please update us on how it went and what you learned
  16. Godsstepbrother

    Buh bye BOOYAH

  17. Godsstepbrother

    Cwd testing

    I just took a head to the game warden office in NM. They took it out from behind the jaw and some spinal tissue from the head. It was pretty easy but they messed the head up pretty bad, we aren't mounting it so we didn't care.
  18. Godsstepbrother

    Nice To Be Done

    Nicely done, looks delicious
  19. Godsstepbrother

    My Montana first

    Nicely done sir!

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