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    I know a little bit older burns are more productive but is a 2021 burn worth the effort?
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    Lets talk portable backpack gear SOLAR charging.

    So Ive essentially re-outfitted myself with entirely rechargeable Headlamps, Camp-lights, GPS/INREACH, Phone, Camera and Battery Back up shaving this down to one hopefully, steripen etc etc and on a 14 day hunt want to take a portable solar panel to recharge as necessary. Getting rid of the...
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    County roads passing through private lands?

    This may be a stupud question but i see all kinds of excellent hunting locations but the county roads to get there pass through private lands. The entry points im looking at are public lands once through. You can certaintainly travel these roads correct?
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    Thermals and snow cover.

    Planning a 2023 otc 2nd rifle solo colorado hunt and am aware snow is likely going to be a factor. Im curious as to the effect of snow ground cover has on morning and afternoon thermals. Do the morning downdrafts last longer? Does it inhibit the sunny slope up drafts or reduce them, slow the...
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    Pulled the trigger on a Argali Absaroka 4p

    Went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Argali Absaroka 4p tent. Spoke to Brad Brooks at length and honestly I think this tent is one of the best back packing tents out there. No Ive not field tested it yet but will very soon and will give feedback. Weight, price, no stretch, size, hot tent...
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    Go hunt issues?

    Anybody having trouble getting on gohunt phone app today ?
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    My elk carcass and hunting bear -Colorado

    Morning, Wondering if I'm able to shoot a bear over my elk carcass during Colorado 2nd rifle on public land. Is it considered baiting? What about another carcass I may come across? I would think baiting would constitute an intentional act of bringing an attractant into the woods for the sole...
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    Base and Rings suggestions so many little time

    Looking for some suggestions on high quality 20moa base and rings for my new Christensen Ridgeline 300 win mag. Suggestions? What say ye? I'm sure there are a million opinions out there on this subject.....not afraid to spend a little extra to get better quality.. Schmalts was able to get me a...
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    Opinions - Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition 300 Winchester Magnum 180 Grain TTSX Polymer Tipped Spitzer Boat Tail Lead-Free

    I know I know.. Touched on this in my accubond thread however looking for some feedback on this load... opinions please...
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    FYI Bass Pro Gainesville/ Alachua Cty. 6day rifle wait

    Went to buy my Christensen 300 win mag 26" on Easter @ Bass Pro only to find out they have a 6 day happy. Gainesville, Fl location. Seems its a County req.
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    300 win mag. Accubond bullet weight thoughts for elk..

    Wondering preferred nosler accubond bullet weights for elk. Want to be able to shoot out to 500 yrds.
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    Hot tent vs not

    I'm really wrestling with my shelter. Dyneema, Nylon etc. Hot vs not, cook inside and not..Likely early/late season and see many with and with out hot tents with stoves. Likely 7-10 day hunts and can definately see the usefulness of a hot tent when cold and then can also see the cons. Go with a...
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    Leupold 5HD 3x15 15x44 - CDS - ZL 2

    Opinons plz. Planning to mount on a Christensen Traverse 300 win.mag. Pretty settled on this rifle but may be swayed. 2400.00 for the rifle. Wanna be able to shoot 500yrds max. 1000.00 bucks for the scope. Trying to keep my 3500.00 budget. It appers to be the best bang for the buck for a reach...
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    Florida ghillie geezer

    New to HT and a Big fan of Randy. His wisdom and drive give this 61 yr. Old some hope. Dream hunt is a Rocky Mtn. Goat. Have alot of getting into shape prior. May never materialize if I cant get this old back right. I decided this year to start filming my hunts so my family has some memories of...

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