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  1. bbright

    Rinella article.. CUT AND PASTED

    Me. Too. Planted an itch I’m going to scratch soon.
  2. bbright


    Archery, muzzy, rifle. wide range of time w widely different conditions.
  3. bbright

    NOSLER wants to see your success

    I’m tempted to take a pic of my remaining box of 7~08 139g sst. Ask them to make some more product. seriously lets go!
  4. bbright

    New arrows

    Day six for me.
  5. bbright

    Did I miss the memo on Ammunition stock-pile?

    Why can’t mfg ramp up? Is this COVID or election related?
  6. bbright

    Did I miss the memo on Ammunition stock-pile?

    I can’t find 7mm-08 ammo anywhere. Has this run on ammo been going on for awhile? Where or how are y’all getting the ammo you need?
  7. bbright

    2020 Season - Priorities / Live Hunt

    We had elk tenderloin one night and I tried elk osso bucco the 2nd night. steaks were good. OB was okay so got some refining to do on my recipe. Not giving up on it.
  8. bbright

    2020 Season - Priorities / Live Hunt

    Pre-Christmas hunt with the boys this year was a success. Not the way I grew up hunting but fun to see all the game And spend time with my 2 boys. The oldest saw several nice bucks but passed looking for something bigger than the one he killed a couple years ago. My youngest killed a hog...
  9. bbright

    Unit 48 1st season vs 49 2nd season Colorado

    I would not do 48 with 8 points unless u want to try muzzleloader. I have hunted 1st rifle 3 times. Great hunt 1st year - late rut. Struggled last 2 hunts.
  10. bbright

    NM Unit 34 elk

    I‘ve hunted the Muzzleloader hunt a few years back. Probably a different hunt for you with the rut over. Lots of elk. Wind in your face and go find ‘em. Trust your gut and cover ground for fresh sign.
  11. bbright

    Another box is checked

    Congrats on the elk. Sounds like a fun trip...though I always expect a grouse report as well from you. You know it’s an active elk hunt when there is no mention of thunder chickens in your story.
  12. bbright

    Llama Hunting - Prices 2021- Ouch

    “feed” one to the bears, have someone rear end you on the travel, have one get hurt packing a load...and your short $5k per llama. Same thing for horses usually too. Part of the rental agreement. When I rented llamas, I was told they are hard or next to impossible to catch if they get free...
  13. bbright

    Llama Drama - Part Deux The Lazy Bugler

    Who did you rent the llamas from? I’ve done that twice and love them. Any lessons you learned that you can share about your llama experience?
  14. bbright

    Llama Drama - Part Deux The Lazy Bugler

  15. bbright

    2020 Season - Priorities / Live Hunt

    Well, I decided to turn my deer tag back in and get points reinstated. I’ve got a fishing trip to FL with some old college buddies in Oct and a couple deer and pig hunts still here in TX. I just have a bad feeling about the drought CO is experiencing and will invest my points in the future...
  16. bbright

    2020 Season - Priorities / Live Hunt

    I need to explore a new sleeping pad (currently Big Agnes). I just slide too much on my existing. What are you using that you like? I‘m a side sleeper so need a little more cushion. Also looking for a new butane lighter. Carry a bic, matches and a nice (don’t remember the brand) lighter...
  17. bbright

    2020 Season - Priorities / Live Hunt

    Take aways from this year: - Peak Refuel meals and breakfast (strawberry) are really good. I didn’t have / make time this year to do my own dehydrated meals. Very pleased with all the meals we tried. - Get your buddy to practice reed calls before your trip. Even a 14 hour trip is not enough...
  18. bbright

    2020 Season - Priorities / Live Hunt

    My buddy starts the calling sequence. After just a short time, I see the bull angling uphill towards our direction at a very relaxed but steady walk. There were a couple pauses as the bull would listen and then continue towards the commotion. When the bull was about 50-60 yards away, I...

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