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    MT Archery Proposed 2008/09 Changes

    I think that is good to..
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    MT Archery Proposed 2008/09 Changes

    So do you think they will redo the #s every year to keep it 100% ?
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    MT Archery Proposed 2008/09 Changes

    Sorry I should have said "To general tags" I will try to find the whole thing so you can read it....
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    MT Archery Proposed 2008/09 Changes

    That is what I mean... But I am talking more about the other areas they are trying to shut down. Most of the people hunting the breaks are from out of state. There are 30 more hunting areas that they are trying to do this with as well, That is where you are going to get your presser from when...
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    MT Archery Proposed 2008/09 Changes

    You think its cool now but what happens to the guys that dont draw the tag do you think that they are not going to hunt???? I think It needs to be done in the breaks but to do it in other areas I think it is a bad idea.
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    Play Station 3 questions

    LOL:eek: :D :D :D
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    Video games for kids?

    Get the Wii The thing I like about it is the kids have to move to play it. They cant just sit there and move there fingers. Rent one and get the boxing game and you will see what a work out it is. I was stiff the next day....
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    I tried to help a kid get his first buck, poor kid . . .

    Thats bull shit.. Next time dont take the dad with you just take the kid. You did right. Sorry for the kid...
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    2007 Bow Mulie - My Best Deer Ever

    good job that is a nice buck with your bow!!!
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    North Idaho 10 point Whitetail !!

    I am with mt learn how to count...
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    Nice Eastern MT Muley

    Thats a monster
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    Season re-cap (pic heavy)

    Congrats on a great season.. Hunting with with your kids is great My boy will be hunting big game in two years, and is ready to do it now.
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    SD deer (pic heavy)

    Great bucks!!!!! 170"
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    rem 700 & win. 270wsm

    You have mail
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    Montanans Suck

    nice goat MT.. Go with the life size That 1/2 that you posted is not far from a life size but looks good...
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    Little SkyIII get's his first buck

    Great job!!!! That is what is all about.
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    Little SkyIII get's his first buck

    Great job!!!! That is what is all about.
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    Bighorn sheep hunt

    I put a tape on him last night and it looks like he will go 188 3/8 that would put him 7th in the Montana P&Y. Just got a call from my buddy where we got this from and he said there is a 200" running around and not a tag left for that area. Next year for me!!!!!!!
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    Bighorn sheep hunt

    not fake Its the real deal!!!
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    Bighorn sheep hunt

    In Sept. we put on the miles but we could not find what we where looking for.(I told my Dad I would not let him shoot one under 180) I knew they would come down when the rut started, And did they ever.. We left Sunday got up there at about 3:00pm. As soon as we rolled in we seen about 60 sheep...

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