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  1. ammo

    Shooting Glasses

    Does anyone wear shooting glasses while in the field? I was into trap/skeet for awhile so I got into the habit of wearing my shooting glasses when out hunting but alas I lost my nice pair hunting on Maui a month ago. My last pair was WileyX which were great because they were free but now I need...
  2. ammo

    Your Kit - Let's see it!

    I'm a sucker for well organized pre-trip equipment photos like this one: Source: I don't have my shit together quiiiite yet (waiting for my bino upgrade, obviously it's too early for...
  3. ammo

    WTT: AGC Alaska Classic Max for AGC something smaller

    I just got myself an AGC Alaska Classic Max (realtee edge/gen L) pouch to go with an AGC day pack. The system rocks, but as I'm 5'2" 115 the bino pouch is uuuge. Anyone have a smaller pouch they'd be willing to trade? Has to be an AGC so it works with my pack.
  4. ammo

    Free Used Prois Jacket (size M)

    Hi all - I was archery hunting in CO this year and found a medium sized Prois shell tangled in some brush. I brought it home and washed it - it fits me alright, a little big. I have hunting/skiing/etc clothing coming out my ears and don't really need another shell. I'd be happy to mail it to...

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