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    Remington 7 XCR 243

    Very nice rifle, just don't shoot it. Maybe 200rds down tube at a max. Scope does not come with it or mounts. Would consider trades for remington 700 .308 receivers. Cash $1200
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    Remington 700 CDL SF 257 Weatherby

    I have a very nice rifle chambered in 257 weatherby. It has been professionally bedded. Has less than 100rds down tube. Only reason for selling is I am getting too old for this kind of recoil. Shoots very well. Would make a great goat, wide open spaces rifle. $900. HAPPY HUNTING
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    Remington CDL SF

    This is a like new 257 weatherby. It is bedded and shoots very very well. Round count is less than 50. Building a 6.5-284 so I don't need this in the safe. Looks like new only one spot right by the front swivel stud, I couldn't make it come out on a photo nothing bad at all. It is the top...
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    Winchester SX3 3.5 inch Black Shadow

    I have a NIB shotgun. I would really like to trade for a Bushnell scope 6500 4.5-30. Gun is still in the box unopened. It is a 3.5 incher, synthetic. Cash price for gun is $950 shipped so we can talk about the finals after you decide. Thanks and HAPPY HUNTING
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    Fox Prairie Blaster FS

    I have a like new Prairie Blaster for sale. I just got this a couple of weeks ago and have taken it out twice. Like it but wanting a different model caller. It comes with 100 sounds and a decoy. I don't have a camera but it is like new. Will ship in the box it came in. Comes with the...
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    Warning eye candy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well it finally got finished after a 2yr wait. Thought I would show you all here I have only met a few of you through this not in person but I have had only great deals and great friends. Hope you like. I was very excited not just to shoot an albino but to actually hit it I was shaking so...
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    How do you guys fix your doves. We had 2 great days of hunting. Need to know something different. HAPPY HUNTING
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    DPMS Sweet 16

    This is a like new DPMS. It comes with everything from bipod to scope and 300 rds of ammunition. The ammo is 260rds of UMC Remington 55gr Metal Case ammo and 50 Hornady 55gr SPs and I will add 30-40rds of Hornady Varmint Express 55gr Vmax Moly. I just took it out today and shot 20rds down the...
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    World Coyote Calling Championships.

    Is anybody going? I am signed up with my brother in law. We are very excited and hopefully we can do well. Will be my first trip to NM so should be exciting. It's in Belen this year. HAPPY HUNTING
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    Weatherby Sub Moa

    I have a nice weatherby sub moa it is used, and has the tan and black webbed stock with a blued barrel. It has 150rds down the tube. It has a scratch on the stock and the blueing on the end of the barrel is wore. It is a nice but used rifle. It has been on several of my hunting trips. Shoots...
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    Kimber 84M Varmint

    This is a very nice Kimber in 22-250, low round count under 200. I took pics of everything but there are some marks on the butt stock but they are small and I can't see them in any of the pics. Scope and mounts don't come with the gun. $800 shipped. HAPPY HUNTING
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    Snow Goose season!!!!

    Well we had a great 4 days of snow goose hunting. We killed 117 on wednesday and 85 on thursday and 125 on Friday. Hope you all enjoy, my guys from WI had a great time and shot alot of geese. HAPPY HUNTING
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    remington 770

    i have a like new 770. It is in 30-06 and comes with scope and bipod. I think the scope is a bushnell 3-9-40 cheap one that comes with them. Bipod is a 6-9in I don't know the manufacturer. The rifle has just 19rds down the tube and looks like new. I don't think there is a mark on it...
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    Calling coyotes at -3degrees.

    Got 3 to come in, 2 different stands. All were shot with my 1187 predator and Dead coyote. It was a great morning. HAPPY HUNTING
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    Winchester Supreme 30-06 ammo

    I have a full case 10 boxes of 20rds each. These are 150gr Moly coated. $225 shipped or I will split up $25 per box. HAPPY HUNTING
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    Custom 788 in 243

    I have my custom 243 up for sale. It is a 788 in a McMillian Remington Varmint with a 26inch Broughton stainless match barrel. It has a 1-14 twist and shoots the 55gr Ballistic tips very welll and the 65gr Bergers better. It will shoot .2 if you do your part. LOP is 13.75. Rifle weighs...
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    Remington 700 7mmRUM

    This is an SPS in 7RUM. I bought this new for deer season and has 30rds max down the tube. It shoots the 120gr Bts very very well. And they don't bounce off deer. Comes with the Talleys. $500 Shipped.
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    Need to sell.

    I have a Albino yote mount that is done and needs paid for. I really need to sell these. I can't do pics yet but the guns are as I say they are. You can take that to the bank. 1. Browning A-bolt Medallion in 223WSSM. Rifle has 150rds down the tube and is in good condition. I would rate as...
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    remington SPS 7RUM

    I have a like new rifle that I purchased just before deer season. I shot 30rds down it and it shoots very well. I loaded 120gr BTs in it for deer with great success. Can't do pics as my computer is going haywire. But rifle is in great condition. Rifle is stainless. $525shipped. HAPPY HUNTING
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    Lots of 264 stuff

    I have sold all my 264s for some reason, and now have to get rid of all bullets and brass and dies. Dies are RCBS, I don't have time right now to check how much I have but I have alot. Bullets are Barnes TSXs, Accubombs, Hornadys Sierras, Lost River Ballistics. If you send me a pm I will get...
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