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    Arctic Cat 300 ATV Problem

    Just asking if anyone has an Arctic Cat and have you had problems with it cutting off ?? -- I have a 2016 arctic Cat 300 2X4 utility ( Green ) and it ran fine for awhile,but has always been a little hard to crank,when cold*,but ran fine after warm-up -- Last year,it would crank,run, then just...
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    A few my young hunting partner and I killed in South Carolina 2021

    Not nearly as big as some of you mid-westerners, but made us happy*** and filled the freezer with steak & sausage** ___ my 8 point 135lbs. -- 4 point ( no brow tines ) 140lbs -- partners 9 point 155lbs ____ :)
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    New from South Carolina

    Ran across this site and enjoyed reading some of the post,so I signed on*** May not post a lot,but surely do enjoy reading all the posters and learning new things ,everyday. I'm 71,retired, and enjoy anything outdoors. I was big into bass fishing, but getting older made it harder to sling a...
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