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    Dallas/Fort Worth eats?

    A couple people mentioned Babe's for fried chicken. i go to Babe's every chance i get when in Texas and always order the chicken fried steak. it is awesome.
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    Quail Opener!

    if, by mountains, you mean the pine forests - I have never seen quail at that elevation. You can find quail in the junipers in the lower elevations.
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    So I drew Turkey on the infamous Kaibab Plateau(AZ)

    i believe he has a fall tag.
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    Pheasant Hunting South or North Dakota

    i have hunted at Paul Nelson Farm and Scattergun Lodge. Both top notch lodges. Scattergun was less expensive and allowed more birds each day. Neither are cheap.
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    Valuing a company

    Moosie, you should send Big Fin a check for all the great free information he provided. i have been involved in many successful and many unsuccessful and sale/divestiture transactions. All companies were much larger but the considerations above apply to all transactions as well as other...
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    6b Archery Elk

    i don't remember if we hunted the entire season, definitely hunted most of the season. Weather changed significantly during the hunt, started out clear and warm and later cold with light snow. No shots fired. We did hunt water a few times with no sightings.
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    6b Archery Elk

    I have spent a lot of time in 6B. A friend had an early archery tag a few years ago and we spent every weekend for a month before the hunt in the unit. By the day before season opened hunters were camped all over the unit, in the parks, beside the tanks, pretty much everywhere possible...
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    Arizona Elk Tag Drawing

    Danr55, thanks for the application and information. Application already sent by fax. As AZ402 mentioned, it would be nice to have more preparation time, but hunting in Arizona with a rifle during the rut should enable most hunters to find the trophy of a lifetime.
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    Arizona Elk Tag Drawing

    ELKCHSR, I am always around just do not post much. This is a great site with many helpful and knowledable people. If I have something to contribute I will join in.
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    Arizona Elk Tag Drawing

    I would like to submit an application. Please emai to [email protected] Must you be present to win?