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  1. tmcdowell

    History Found In the Field

    this thread is awesome. Didn't see it myself but it's worth mentioning.. my neighbor told me a story of a time he was hunting on a high ridge in SW MT a few decades ago. He came across a small clearing, in which was a ring of boulders standing on end - about 8ft high, 20ft in diameter (like a...
  2. tmcdowell

    The long life of one wolf

    Fascinating article, thanks for sharing. Back when I was in college I spent a summer interning for MT FWP's regional wolf biologist. One September I found myself near Lolo Pass for a couple weeks to help run a trapline to collar some wolves near there. I was told they were called the Big Hole...
  3. tmcdowell

    2022 Deer Elk Antelope book

    ignore if you've already seen this - but the regs state "NOTE: Boundary Change" under each HD that has changed. Also, for those that use OnX - looks like they've incorporated the new HD boundaries. Makes it a little easier to view those boundary changes than zooming into the PDF.
  4. tmcdowell

    School me on Western Spring Bear

    makes sense, thanks for the input. During some of my April hunts last season, when snow was still a factor and the south-facing slopes were still brown, I never cut any bear sign. I wasn't sure if that's cause they hadn't all emerged from their dens that early, or if they had they made a...
  5. tmcdowell

    School me on Western Spring Bear

    Last year I hunted spring bear for the first time in SW MT. It was a great season, hiked my ass off, and eventually had one close encounter with a small bear late in the season. Needless to say, I didn't notch my tag. I did learn/reaffirm a few things in the process: bear hunting ain't easy...
  6. tmcdowell

    Old truck appreciation (and high mileage)

    1996 F-150, 167K on it. I actually bought this kinda recently, and am hoping to keep it going for a long, long time. We’re a family of three (wife and a little one) and I love cramming into the bench seat with them.
  7. tmcdowell

    Glassing time

    No photos but I spend a lot of time glassing for mule deer in the low country- sage, mountain mahogany, juniper, etc. As a result of my inexperience and impatience, I often find myself glassing for 30-60 minutes before moving on, and moving a lot more than sitting. Probably because I end up...
  8. tmcdowell

    As they lay

    My first two elk - shot on the same ranch. Was selected for a damage hunt, which was a success. The rancher kindly invited me back for the general season and I happily accepted the opportunity to fill my general tag on another cow. Incidentally, I brought down the second not 10 yards away from...
  9. tmcdowell

    Sunday Pic of the Day

    We had a Cooper's Hawk nest in our neighborhood. Three fledglings have been coming to our yard daily to try to nab the sparrows that beef up on our chicken feed. They're fun to watch, clumsy at hunting, and not shy of us whatsoever. It's also the only time I've seen hawks hunting together. They...
  10. tmcdowell

    Favorite Whisky(ey), Bourbon, Scotch, Gin, Cigar, Pipe Tobacco, etc

    Old Grand Dad. For a 20-some dollar bottle of bourbon, it's pretty damn good
  11. tmcdowell

    Chief Joseph - who, what, and when.

    hope to make it there someday. Wife and I stopped at the Big Hole battle monument near Wisdom a couple years ago, which is definitely worth a visit. What a tragic battle that was. Anyone interested in learning more about the long flight of the Nez Perce ought to pick up a copy of "Yellow Wolf...
  12. tmcdowell

    Ernest Thompson Seton fans, who has photos of game tracks?

    Taylor Fork area, MT in mid May. Saw so many griz digs that it looked like the hillside had been mortared. Let's just saw we vacated that area.. Ended up seeing a boar and a sow getting friendly - must have been close to mating season.
  13. tmcdowell

    Game Camera Gallery

    here are a few taken in Central WA. We had a pair of screech owls move into the nest box so I thought it'd be cool to set up a camera facing the box. The pair of wolves was pretty unexpected - no packs had been documented in that area yet so that prompted state bios to come have a look-see. It...
  14. tmcdowell

    Hey Jeff, pleasure to "meet" you and I appreciate your willingness to help a new hunter out. As...

    Hey Jeff, pleasure to "meet" you and I appreciate your willingness to help a new hunter out. As soon as I got into the sport last fall I knew that finding a hunting buddy would not only shift my learning curve, but would make the experiences more enjoyable. If you're ever free sometime this...
  15. tmcdowell

    Howdy from Montana

    Thanks! I'll have to take you up on that this season. Tried to play a numbers game with bears this season, but it'd sure help to learn a thing or two from someone more experienced - especially when it comes to elk. Taylor
  16. tmcdowell

    Deer - lets see em

    2020 Montana muley - my first deer. I grew up in central Washington where mule deer are a common sight, never paid them any mind though. Hunting these things completely changed my perspective on them. What badass animals they are.
  17. tmcdowell

    What are you currently reading?

    Colonel Roosevelt by Edmund Morris. Third and last installment of his series on TR. A fascinating and complex man
  18. tmcdowell

    Howdy from Montana

    New to the forum and new to hunting, so I thought I'd introduce myself. It's been a helluva year - bought our first home in Manhattan, MT, had our first kid (a little girl), and I picked up hunting. Fall 2020 season ended in some upland birds and a mule deer - enough to get me plenty addicted...