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    Ground Blinds

    iminrut>> Your point about the dark color is the failure of many camo patterns. The breakup pattern worked well in my area in the east, but would be obvious in open areas. Deer did not react to the blind by sight, sound, or scent. I checked it from different angles and distances after set up...
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    Ground Blinds

    mtmiller>> I've not used the Double Bull, but it was on my review list and dropped off due to price. Something to consider is the camo pattern and outline for antelope hunting. antlerrick>> The Penthouse is tall enough and shooting windows configured for standing or seated shooting. I like...
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    Ground Blinds

    Amreristep Penthouse TSC™ Mossy Oak® New Break-Up™ Purchased for rifle stand. :rolleyes: Cumbersome to pack any distance and not ideal for frequent moves. 22lbs :rolleyes: Difficult to store in pack until you get the hang of it. Takes practice. |oo :o Size is tall enough to stand and...
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    Need load info for 280

    What bullet? I like the Nosler Accubond and Sierra Game King.
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    Spotting scope reviews

    Bushnell Spacemaster 15x45-60mm. This scope a present from the wife several years ago and I'm still satisfied with it. Used on a regular basis and hauled all over the country. Good clarity and eye relief with fair light collecting quality. Can judge the spurs on a gobbler at 400 yds, but at...
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    Pic of recovered accubond.

    Ridge Runner, Nosler will have a 110 gr. 25 cal. AB out in December. Visit their reloading forum for information on other new bullets, brass, and rifles.
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    Pic of recovered accubond.

    The AB looks like a sucess to me. With the exit hole as large as pictured I'm wondering how you recovered it. Was it under the hide? Seems it should have passed through the hide with that much energy.
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    Deer Sighting Survey Updated

    I watch deer almost daily from my front porch. Would this information be of value? I'm not hunting just watching deer come into the fields to feed.
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    Bullet Failure? (Open at your own risk, graphic)

    Nope, you have an entrance, exit, and the deer. I've never seen a bullet that could skin and gut one like that. ;)
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    5 mm Craig

    Had the rifle converted and having a ball shooting it. Hope this picture is viewable it is my first attempt at posting a picture. [ 10-28-2004, 20:52: Message edited by: Quarter Round ]
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    Barnes Triple Shock bullets

    This is the information that I recieved from Barnes for the X bullet when I telephoned for load information. Barnes recommends .050 off the lands as the starting point for bullet seating. Max .070 and Min. .030.
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    Strategy to harvest Ruffed Grouse or other game birds

    That won't happen often in the east and been that way for many years here. [/b]</font> My comment was not intended to be judgemental or imply it is illegal to shoot them with a .22, etc. My point is or grouse are wild/antsy will flush from a thicket at the slightest pressure and when you...
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    Strategy to harvest Ruffed Grouse or other game birds

    That won't happen often in the east and been that way for many years here.
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    Looking for loads for the 5mm Craig

    I'm having my 5mm Rem Mag converted to the 5mm Craig and would appreciate handloading information from any of you folks using this cartridge. Thanks
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    Strategy to harvest Ruffed Grouse or other game birds

    Doesn't work without a dog either. The bird will fly away from the danger. Occasionally in close quarters they'll fly straight toward you causing you to duck the brown missle. Never have been able to recover and shoot.
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    round wont chamber

    I do not use nickle plated brass as it seems to have some issues plus the chance to ruin a sizing die. JMO The reason it will not chamber in you rifles MIGHT be bullet seating depth and you should be able to see land marks on the bullet in this case. Another possibility is the shoulder did...
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    electronic scales???

    tnctcb, Check the Accurate Reloading web site or Reload Bench and you should find some information
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    5 mm Craig

    danr55 appreciate the help. Thanks
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    5 mm Craig

    The factory rim fire ammo is way overpriced and in ever decreasing supply. The conversion can be done by replacing the bolt head face to a center fire and maintaining the ability to convert it back or machining which cannot be undone. The initial outlay for the starter package is a little more...
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    5 mm Craig

    No insult taken. Just sign me the Frugal Shootist.