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    Outdoorsman’s custom ballistic turret Swaro z5

    Outdoorsman’s swaro z5 3.5-18x44 custom ballistic turret. Made for federal premium 180 grain nosler accubonds at 4000’ elevation. 200 yard zero. 25 yard increments. $80 tyd
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    Our sons first moose

    Moose are just so dang massive. The quartering picture really puts it into perspective.
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    OnX is not always correct

    onX definitely has some mislabeled state property (private marked as state) in my neck of the woods.
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    2021 Wyoming and Idaho Elk Success

    Two bulls in eight days?!?! Wow…talk about goals.
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    2021 Wyoming elk take 2

    Going to cash my Wyoming points in next year and these hunt recaps are just fueling the excitement. Congrats on the hunt!
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    Bro's Wasatch Bull

    Congrats. Pretty special to be able to hunt with your brother. Nice work on venturing into new country to get it done.
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    Idaho Bull

    Great bull!
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    Rifle Bull

    Stud bull!
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    2021 Southeast Idaho Elk

    Loving all of these hunt recaps on HT. This is another great one!
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    you got the "big bull" tag?

    Spectacular write up! Love the photos.
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    AZ Late Rifle Elk Success in the Timber

    Great work, way to stick with it!

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