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  1. NV_ARCH3R

    Necessary gear for first western hunt.

    When I was a kid, all my Dad carried while elk hunting was a binoculars, knife, hatchet, a hank of rope tied around his waist, and an apple and a hershy bar in his pocket. Camo was never heard of. There's a big difference as to what is "needed" and what people "want" on an elk hunt. It can be...
  2. NV_ARCH3R

    Are Blonde Color Phase usually sows?

    I seem to think I read, heard, was told most Blonde color phase black bears are sows Anyone know whether it's true or not.
  3. NV_ARCH3R

    Second Nevada Bull Elk in two years for a new hunter

    How do you draw two bull tags in two years when there's a mandatory wait period?
  4. NV_ARCH3R

    AZ Spring Javelina HAM question

    I would myself, quite a bit of weight and forward heavy to hold steady without a rest of some sort, rock, tree, shooting sticks.
  5. NV_ARCH3R

    AZ Spring Javelina HAM question

    I've been trying to determine what AZ considers a legal handgun for the HAM hunts. Would a Thompson Center Contender in 223 be considered a handgun, or is it defined as more straight wall cartridge of maximum OAL.
  6. NV_ARCH3R

    Idaho Fall Bear Baiting

    I decided to go ahead and set baits. I made the 6 hour drive to an undisclosed area in Idaho labor day weekend and set two bait sites. Then made the 6 hour drive home. Went back the next weekend to begin a weeks hunt. Bait 1 had a Sow and two cubs cleaning it out, had a couple other bears come...
  7. NV_ARCH3R

    Idaho Fall Bear Baiting

    This would be where I baited this spring and had bears coming in, just nothing I wanted at the time. Also wondering if Deer/Elk hunters in the area would make them nocturnal. Though where I would plan to bait is probably lower country then those guys would be hunting. But I have the time and a...
  8. NV_ARCH3R

    Idaho Fall Bear Baiting

    Toying with the idea of placing a couple baits out over labor day weekend, and hunt the following week. Anyone had much luck baiting in the fall. Biggest draw back it's a 6 hr drive from here to there, gas prices are way up, I'd just cold camp in the tent to set the baits, and pull the trailer...
  9. NV_ARCH3R

    Alone Season 8

    anyone know the GPS coordinates of where everyone was camped? It would be interesting to plot them in Google earth.
  10. NV_ARCH3R

    How to Find Mule Deer - Help!

    Mule deer can be found in any and all of those habitats. Pick the kind of hunt experience you think you want. then look into harvest data, etc. in those areas that match whether its sage flats or High mountain timber,
  11. NV_ARCH3R

    What food do most like, but you can't stand?

    I like fresh tomatoes, but don't do ketchup, or most anything made with tomato sauce.
  12. NV_ARCH3R

    Nevada 068, 031, 032 Sheep

    I just really hate seeing those posts, "I drew such and such area, for "Name the Game" I don't know anything about it, and only three weeks till the hunt any info???
  13. NV_ARCH3R

    Nevada 068, 031, 032 Sheep

    Positive fibes man!
  14. NV_ARCH3R

    Nevada 068, 031, 032 Sheep

    I've started applying for California Bighorn here in NV. I really don't expect to draw, but thought I'd start gathering information just in case. Nothing worse than drawing a tag, then trying to gather info in just a few weeks before the hunt starts. Anyone have any general info on particularly...
  15. NV_ARCH3R

    How to research old military rifles

    Found it, only one of the most common, highly manufactured during the period Mosin-Nagant M44.
  16. NV_ARCH3R

    How to research old military rifles

    There are markings and numbers, just don't see anything that makes any since except a hammer and cycle symbol which makes me think Russian or at least Soviet Block. Sorry not going to post pictures or info on an open forum.
  17. NV_ARCH3R

    How to research old military rifles

    How would I begin researching what I believe is and old Korean war era, or earlier. Possibly manufactured in a Soviet Block Country?
  18. NV_ARCH3R

    Gille Suit

    Brand is Auscamotek. I'm sure it's one of the more inexpensive ones out there. Jacket and pants
  19. NV_ARCH3R

    Gille Suit

    Anyone use a Gille suit instead of the normal camo's? I always thought it would be a good way to go but didn't want to get caught wearing one. My brother bought me a Gille suit for my birthday, tried it on while on our AZ Javelina hunt (didn't hunt with it) and it really made a guy disappear in...
  20. NV_ARCH3R

    Trail camera suggestions

    Bought a couple CamPark T45 last year, only had em out a short time for elk but was impressed with the photos and videos they took. surprisingly good for minimal costs. only drawback I see so far the mini SD card can be difficult to insert and remove especially in the field. Almost need a pair...

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