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  1. Osvidar

    Back Country Hunters and

    :confused: Who are Seems we have so many conservation groups: RMEF Mule Deer Fdn,, WTF, Trout U., Etc. we may be diluting ourselves. OTOH, if they are a legit group with a niche, I'm interested. BTW-- SCI or Dallas SC?
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  3. Osvidar

    Washington State

    My son just relocated to Redmond. We could use some advise getting started hunting in WA. Need DIY or fairly low cost access, Etc.
  4. Osvidar

    New CO GMU 591 OTC Whitetail only licenses

    CO just mailed out the Big game Brochure and there are new, Over-the-Counter, late rifle, either sex and doe 'whitetail only' licenses available. I'll apply for a buck in the draw but likely use my second choice for something new while going for an OTC license. The prime whitetail habitat is...
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    Got a Kifaru Gunbearer (universal long) used it once. Needs tweaking in adjustment, Etc. Sako liked to run scope down in it. Suggestions (don't be rude!)?
  6. Osvidar

    Colorado GMU 591

    Anyone on here still chasing elk on Ft. Carson? Found many fresh tracks in the powder today but never caught up. Did have a coyote come in to my cow calling--no shot.
  7. Osvidar

    Rifle carrying rigs

    Saw Big Fin's rifle carrying rig on Heli Access Elk Hunt episode. Need to get rifle off sling when hiking with pack. What was he using for 'underarm' carry? Alternatives?
  8. Osvidar

    Colorado GMU 591

    Looking for Ft. C. predator hunters who'd like another partner. I'll be chasing Elk until the end of Jan. However, Santa hinted there's a Foxpro in my future. Usually see coyotes from the truck or when I didn't want to blow a deer hunt. Just realized these deer and elk live with Army...
  9. Osvidar

    Colorado GMU 591 "Closed for Furlough"

    Up until tonight the shutdown hadn't gotten to me. Tomorrow was to be the opening of deer and elk (I drew a buck and a cow) on Ft Carson. Now Congress has got my attention...:(

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