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  1. Farmerj

    Looking for cheaper prices???

    Years back, I got my Curio & Relics FFL. I used it to gain access to a lot of wholesale suppliers like midwayUSA, brownells, Graf and Sons, Midsouth shooters, and a few other places. Those accounts it turns out are still active it seems despite a 14+ year break from using some of them. A...
  2. Farmerj

    1-4x scope

    Anyone have any experience with the SWFA 1-4X SS? Looking for a lower power scope for shots under 400 yards and likely in low visibility as well. So well within the MPBR of the rifles, .260 Remington and .280 Remington...
  3. Farmerj

    Veterans park access

    One fringe benefit for vets and access to public land. $10 processing fee if ordered online or free if you get it at a gate.
  4. Farmerj

    Winter boots…. Thank you whomever..

    Someone commented in another thread where it was asked what people wear for late season winter footwear… Someone recommended the N-1B extreme cold weather boot. One of the things I don’t like about vapor boot is the shear weight. So I took a chance on your recommendation and got some N-1B…...
  5. Farmerj

    Any thoughts on Steiner scopes?

    Has anyone got experience with a Steiner M5Xi or T7Xi series scopes? Who Carries them? Clarity?
  6. Farmerj

    2022 dream elk hunt…

    Hoping I can make this happen. I wanted to do it for my 50th birthday in 2017, but life stopped that. So now to make it happen for my 55th. I want to do an elk hunt. I was prepping to do one in Idaho but that doesn’t sound like it will happen. I have a cousin who lives in Boise and even he...
  7. Farmerj

    Newb from Minnesota

    Was pointed here to help plan an elk hunt for 2022. Mid 50’s, not a spring chicken and always wanted to go elk hunting by age 50. So here we go…

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